Absolutely Amazing Birdcage Wedding decor ideas


Bird Cages are useful and versatile decorations perfectly suited for adding detail to your wedding. Use them to hold cards, or fill them with flowers, candles—or even cake.

We’ve compiled 5ways to incorporate these fashionable ornaments into your special day that are as beautiful as they are functional!

Cage Hangings 

A great way to incorporate beautiful cages as a wedding decor is by hanging them with fairy lights or with flowers decor elements. This adds a personalised touch to your wedding and also adds a bit of glitter to the event.

Cages As Seating 

Rather than picking ever used old seating for the bride and the groom , bird cages can be used as not just the seating but also as backdrops is a great new way to add an extra touch to your wedding. Just find the good space and fill it with this  great decor option. You can also use it for wedding photo shoots for the pre wedding ceremonies.

Cage Decor 

While you can still sort out the seating area and the stage, many places will feel incomplete and empty. While most people opt for candles or flowers cages are one option you should totally incorporate. It adds a bohemian touch to your wedding look and also makes it look stunning.