Accessories for the Groom’s occasion wear


A groom’s attire for the wedding day and other functions is an aesthetic delight. Crisp suits and intricate sherwani – these look extremely gorgeous on the groom. Plus, when these outfits are accentuated by accessories, the look elevates to next level. Here is Wedding Affair’s guide to beautiful accessories for the groom.

Safa Chains & Kalgi

This is the highlight of the outfits for Indian grooms. A safa chain adds royalty to the groom’s safa and a kalgi highlights an unmatchable aesthetic. This perfectly suits the wedding day sherwani and is basically inseparable from the groom’s attire.

Plain tie

This is the first tie a man should purchase if he’s starting from scratch. Dark blue is the safest and most versatile, but any deep, rich colour is good. Dark greens, burgundies, and for some complexions purples all work great. Steer clear of bright colours and shiny surfaces, however. You want something smooth, matte, and refined if you’re wearing a big swath of it across your chest. Stick to that nice deep blue for the first solid tie and work from there.

Playing with Pocket Squares

Whether you’re a pocket square aficionado or just a dabbler in menswear trends, navigating the etiquette of this accessory can admittedly be a bit of a sartorial minefield. Tonal monochrome shades work well for pocket squares teamed with black or grey suits, for instance, while a vibrant pop of red adds interest to crisp blue suits, particularly in summer. A puff fold can also offer a more nonchalant approach to formal dressing than the classic flat fold.


Bow ties are classy accessories, and when you decide to don one you are deciding thereby to make a statement. Bow ties do not lend themselves to subtlety. They say something. The bow tie you choose will reveal something about your personality, your character, and your aesthetic sense.

The Classics

From one of the world’s most classic brands comes the Burberry Manston tie. Burberry is a British luxury brand known for its trademark scarves and other items. With this tie around your neck, you’ll look your best at any social or professional function. It comes in the iconic Burberry colours and is sure to add a touch of high-end luxury to your formal wardrobe.

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