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Become the Pride of the Party with Reliance Jewellery “Diamond Delights”...

With the new year almost here, it is time for a wardrobe update to include the latest trends and styles, especially in your jewellery...

Extraordinary Diamond Studded Watches for Brides!

Planning outfits for your wedding can be an excruciating job. From the outfits that steal all the limelight to the ones that are humbly...

Bride’s most Desired Diamond Rings

Your preference for the engagement ring determines a lot about your choices regarding wedding planning. Choosing the right diamond for your fiancé-to-be is very...

Follow these trends for Engagement Rings

There is a beautiful story behind every engagement ring. You can easily say that it is one of the most important adornments in your life.

Perfect ‘Inspo’ for your wedding ring!

The first seal for the wedding is marked by a wedding ring. And diamonds is the choicest of gems for making up that bling...

Global jewellery trends for the bride

Trends of the last year set the tone of the upcoming trends in the jewellery industry. Wedding Affair enlists jewellery trends for the bride to choose from.

Diamond Jewellery: A Bride’s Best Friend

To help you find the best bridal diamond jewellery for you, take a look at these extraordinary diamond jewellery curated by WA.