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Splendid Wedding Rings for the Millennial Couples 

You have found the one to spend your whole life with. From wedding cards to the wedding venue, from wedding cuisines to wedding music...

Arjunaa Jewellers: A Bridal Jewelry Galore

Every bride dream of having a beautiful wedding. She imagines having the perfect décor, the perfect dress, and the perfect jewelry. And finally, when...

Extraordinary Diamond Studded Watches for Brides!

Planning outfits for your wedding can be an excruciating job. From the outfits that steal all the limelight to the ones that are humbly...

Trending bridal jewellery for traditional brides

Indian Weddings are an equivalent to fairy tales. From wedding decor, wedding dresses and most importantly, the ultimate bridal jewellery, everything in an Indian...

Celebrity inspired Royal Red Choodas

We have all appreciated the gorgeous bridal lehengas worn by these beautiful actresses at their weddings. Let us for a moment also shift our...

Buy jewellery with these gemstones for the newly-wed couple

Are there effects of gemstones on your love life? Wedding Affair mentions the best gemstone jewellery that the bride and groom can invest in.

Styles of engagement rings you should know about

To help you choose the perfect engagement ring, Wedding Affair has mentioned some trending and beautiful styles here.

Adorning a bride’s hair!

Wedding Affair lists for you some of the most elegant pieces of hair jewellery that the bride must adorn herself with, in wedding ceremonies.

Follow these trends for Engagement Rings

There is a beautiful story behind every engagement ring. You can easily say that it is one of the most important adornments in your life.

Deck yourself in Temple Jewellery

Formerly used to adorn idols of deities and later found in the chests of royal families, Wedding Affair brings all about temple jewellery.

Perfect ‘Inspo’ for your wedding ring!

The first seal for the wedding is marked by a wedding ring. And diamonds is the choicest of gems for making up that bling...

The best of 2020 jewellery trends for the bride

You need to style those big hoops, chunky chains and over-the-top rings to all your evening soirees, this season, to keep up with trends.