Ace your Diwali makeup with this guide

Diwali Makeup

Diwali is the season where you need your makeup to look flawless. You want neither heat nor sweat to ruin the time and effort you put in creating the perfect look. While keeping your skin hydrated is extremely essential. Here are the best natural looks for Diwali! Wedding Affair brings to you all you need to know to ace your Diwali make-up look.

Go fresh-faced à la red carpet style

Don’t shy away from giving your skin a warm texture and tone. For this look, your skin has to be hydrated and maintained. Essentials for this look are products such as a face serum to set up the base and a perfectly sheer compact/concealer that blends well with your skin. This look is entirely about an even complexion with subtly highlighted eyes. Highlighter can be used to add a tinge of glow to enhance the cheeks. 

Diwali Makeup

Make rosy cheeks your all-time favourite

Take cues from Miranda Kerr to rock this trend. If you’re a tan skin type all you need to do is apply a shade of compact lighter than your skin tone, apply a thin line of liner and mascara to give your eyes a clean look. A subtle pink blush on with a light pink or nude lip colour would complete the look.

Highlight your lips

While in winters our skin is usually less sticky opting for a nude look is much easier. Apart from the rosy cheek look, you might also want to try the slightly bold lip look this Diwali. Apply mascara after you’ve evenly applied the base chose a shade of pink or red that suits the base and appears as a natural combination to it. 


Go for heavy and highlighted brow 

Natural makeup looks are supposed to look fine and neat. A heavy brow with light eyeshadow and a gloss is the perfect go-to look for Diwali parties. Make sure your face is evenly toned with a concealer. 

Dark eye neutral look for evening soirees

Good eye makeup always makes you stand out in a crowd. An even base with highlighted eyes makes for a gorgeous all time look. Apply kajal on the waterline and add a smoky touch with dark eyeshadow, make sure it’s subtle and not very prominent. Use lines and mascara to enhance the eye and you’re done.

So get going with these and rock your favourite ethnic wear this Diwali.

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