Acne Stopping tricks week before D-day


acne stopping_wedding affairAttention to-be brides! We realize you’ve been going through a foot-long list of to-dos before your D-day arrives, but neglecting your skincare (especially face) is purely sinful. The amount of stress and lack of sleep you’re presently encountering is an evil for your pretty face, and so you should immediately stop being irresponsible. We are listing below some know-hows to keep acne at peace at least before your wedding day. If you continue to take serious consideration of these tips, you might not face acne problems at all.

Keep Calm and Marry On

Stress will lead to nowhere except into havoc. Do your planning before-hand; don’t keep important to-dos right before take-off, and rejuvenate to the maximum. Keeping calm will help you deal with all odds and you’ll find things falling in place by the time it’s D-day.

Hydration is the Key

Drinking sufficient water is the solution to almost everything in the world. It helps to keep your skin healthy and flushes out toxins from the body. Make liquid intake your priority—fresh juices, lemonades, coconut water and of course water. Simply cut down on sugary, aerated drinks and caffeinated drinks, to keep acne at bay.

Laundry Check!

The fact that human body can accumulate tons of dead skin is hard to fathom and so is the moisture born bacteria on your towels. With a simple act of doing your laundry timely can help you not be a victim of that wedding-crashing pimple. To wipe your face, try using soft tissue paper because using towels for your face is not really a good idea. Towels retain massive amounts of moisture, allowing bacteria to breed and you don’t want that bacteria on your face.

Avoid Regular Exfoliation

This might not be what you’ve heard about a good skincare routine, but exfoliation can be very risky prior to your wedding. Exfoliation, to some extent irritates the skin—having good chances to leave a break out. Rather opt for mild medicated cleansing soaps or no soaps at all, go natural. At least the week before the wedding you should leave exfoliators on the shelf itself and Clarisonic powered-down. There’s no doubt about the fact that exfoliators go a great job in unclogging pores and evening out the texture of your skin, but they are harsh and does leave skin red and irritated.

Sun Block

Dont miss a day without being coated with good amounted SPF sunscreen, the UV rays of the sun can damage your skin to the core, leading to breakouts, sun burns rashes and unwanted tan lines. Be clothed in cool colors and light materials; carry a hat if possible and also sunglasses to help you cope with head while you shop.

This is a Dare. Go Make-Up Free

After spending months on months repairing your skin with natural remedies and skincare routines, don’t ruin it all in a jiffy by coating layers of make-up. Go makeup free and for your skin’s sake, let it breathe. Just wear a light moisturizer to work and a dab of compact powder if needed. Applying makeup and then removing it with cleansers can disturb your skin, make it easy for a zit to say hello!

Knot your Hair

If your hair keeps falling on your face every second, you are not at any fortune. The oil and dirt build up on your hair can be easily transferred to your face, ruining your wedding photographs. Use mild, sulfate-free shampoos if you have dandruff tendencies because even dandruff can make your skin break out. Limit the use of oils, fragrances, serums or gels.


Yes, we know touching your face every now and then is a habit, but just break-up with this habit for good. Keep your hands off your face and avoid transferring unwanted bacteria on your face. If by any chance you the uninvited guest turns-up, do your skin a favor by not entertaining it. The worst thing you could do is try to pop it out to get rid of it temporarily, but that’s going to leave a long-lasting mark on your face. Reach out to your make-up artist to deal with the bad boy.

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