Add a dash of minimalist to your decor


Science suggests that cluttered surroundings tend to release increased levels of cortisol than breakups. It is an excessive form of stimuli that our brains are barraged with if we dwell in a house filled with a disarray of accents you misconceive for decor. Thus, the idea is that to settle for a minimalist approach that can paint immediate references to your inspiration while drawing minimal efforts.

Simpler Is Significant

Today, modern designs paint a clear mirror of urbanisation and crazy lifestyles. This also acts as a great source of inspiration for those crunching with space in their high-rise apartment. Our furiously fast lives do not leave time to tidy and this, itself creates a bigger rationale behind choosing simpler furniture. For instance, geometrical lights and fixtures add a perfect sense of design to a room with a basic stock of furniture, while maintaining its sanity.


Channelising positivity, whites can be used in floorings, accent walls, paintings, and definitely upholstery, which actually constitutes a majority of your visual delight in a space. Carefully arrange the items into categories of what must be seen and what must be concealed. Prioritise even the seating capacity in accord with the room size. Eliminate any need for extra furniture that might bring injustice to the area in consideration. Choose compact sofas and seaters that do not eat space and lend a sense of magnanimity to it.

Beauty Lies In Reflection

Extensive use of mirrors and glasses to bring the warmth of natural light is exactly what will do the trick. The magic of using enlarged mirrors in your living room in the form of designer accents such as wall hangings, table decoratives or even muralled ceilings will bring an essential element of reflection and expansion. Mirrors not only echo light but create mirage by making the area appear seamless. Natural light must be given ways to ponder in every possible corner of your lovely abode. Floor to ceiling panels of soundproof glass is a great way to ensure the sun’s reachability.


Pop Is Retro-strictive

Agreed that we have spoken of literally wiping off any bright colours away from your space that can make it appear smaller. So here’s the good news. While we have painted and dipped our toes and feet with powder colours from the colour chart. There’s always room for including your favourite shades of bright colours. Hence, bring a touch of vividness by introducing pop colours. They attract exactly a precise amount of your attention that they deserve.

Minimalist accents can be a mix of permanent and temporary nature and should make up for only a small detail. As a result, uplift the mood of refreshing walls further with restrictive use of bright colours just enough to add a glimpse of brightness into the minimalist environment. Addition of large portraits from your latest oil on canvas collection enlivens the minimalist decor with a focal point. Self-dissolving textures also give a gung ho to your new decor.

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