Add a touch of vintage to your abode


A touch of vintage is always welcome and vintage is what brings out beauty the most. Wedding Affair brings to you some simple ways to add vintage to your living space. So head over to your local thrift store, estate sales or flea markets. Don’t shy away from raiding your grandma’s attic for some nostalgic treasures.

The Rustic Rugs

So, you have bought the perfect sofa and coffee table. But something still seems amiss. The room still seems a tad bit pale. Don’t worry a vibrant rug can surely light up any room that it is kept in. From natural materials like jute and sisal to a patterned design, name it and you will find it. Rugs not only have the power to complement furniture items but also lend a warmth that nothing else can match up. 

One can also use rugs to segregate separate areas, such as seating or dining areas and foyers. This is especially useful in studio apartments or larger rooms. You can use rugs to create variety in a space. But keep in mind that when you use two rugs in a room, be careful to use different sized rugs to create a sense of variety. When using more than one rug, it’s better when the rugs complement each other in style. 

The Earthy Vibes

Pottery has always been an artistic way to add a special touch to your place. A classic and beautiful art form boasting of rich cultural relevance and a strong foundation in our country; pottery and ceramics can boost the appealing quotient of any home. Available in different shapes and sizes, pottery items are definitely one of the most versatile home accessories that you can own.


The easiest way to add some pottery charm is by putting plants or flowers in an intricately designed earthen pot. You can also use pots in multiple colours in your garden to make the space look lively and spirited. Make sure that the pot you use is deep and wide enough to let the plant grow. Opt for grouping and style the pottery pieces over a bookcase, tabletop or even on the floor. Create a contemporary style that you deem suitable for your space.  From subtle shades to bright and shiny ones, choose something that speaks to you with ease. 

The Feisty Fireplace

A steaming cup of coffee and a roaring fire to warm you, what else does one want in winters. But for those who feel that a working fireplace is too much maintenance, fret not. You can any day choose a non-working, totally depends on whether you want something purely decorative or functional. But just because your fireplace doesn’t work doesn’t mean it’s useless. Though you can’t create a fierce fire, but you can use the opportunity to take your decor game to a whole new level. Go the tried and tested way and pile logs in your fireplace to give it a rustic and homely feel. If you have wooden furniture, this style will complement it perfectly.

A trendy fireplace functions as the heart of your home. A cosy day is nothing without crackling logs and a warm blanket. Plus, there are many ways to bedeck it as well to make it look its best all year round. Since your fireplace serves as a centre of attraction for the whole space, take it as an opportunity to showcase some stunning artwork or antiques. 


The Bamboo Way

Doing up your home is intimidating enough without taking the environment into account, but opting for eco-friendly decor will be beneficial in more than one way in the long run. Some simple options for green alternatives in your abode will not only help reduce your carbon footprint but will also save you some money along the way. 

The simplest way to positively affect the environment with your decor choices is to buy pre-used items. Some people even prefer a more wear-and-tear look. Not to mention, vintage decor is chic and costs way less than buying new. If you still can’t find anything to your taste, bamboo furniture is one of the best ways to include some eco-friendly options in your space. Bamboo chairs and table are one of the simplest and cutest ways to amp up the green quotient of your home. 

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