Add nautical vibes to your abode


Many of us have been missing the ocean for a while now since the pandemic started. The fresh fragrance, breezy vibes and warm sun is everything that soothes the soul. But do you know that you can revoke these sea vibes at your home with the help of nautical home decor? Read on the Wedding Affair’s guide to a nautical abode.

Nautical design vibes

With the simple nautical interior design, you can easily create the feeling that the ocean is never far away, bust by using attractive decorative elements such as starfish, stripes, anchors and nautical stars. These should be supported by natural textiles and the type of furniture that will add some coastal chic to any room. It is not necessary to start from scratch when designing a room with a nautical theme. You only need to introduce some characteristic features which capture the freshness of the ocean. (Source: Impressive Interior Design)


The colour palettes

The colours most associated with Nautical Decorating are blue and white. But not just any blue. The nautical colour blue is a dark rich blue or navy blue that makes for a dramatic contrast with white. It is the most classy and timeless nautical colour scheme and looks. Dark deep blue like the wide-open sea and crisp white like the white yachts gliding over the waters with wind filled white sails. It’s easy to see the beauty in that. But dark rich blue and crisp white are not the only nautical decor colours. (Source: Completely Coastal)

Nautical Accessories

There are many DIY projects that can create an elegant coastal feel by incorporating sea glass. An easy, fun way to add sea glass decor is with a DIY sea glass mirror. Take the treasures you’ve found along the shore and spruce up a basic mirror to add a pop of aqua blues and sea greens. By incorporating rope into your decor you can create a coastal environment with ease. Rope found from shipyards is typically thick and worn in all the right places. Shell Decor is unique, whimsical, beachy and can be the simplest way to add white and sandy neutrals to your coastal style beach house. A few of our favourite ways to bring shell decor into the home is by adding a beautiful oyster shell chandelier over the dining table or in the entry. (Source: Our Boat House)


A touch of History

Nautical flags or pennants can serve as unique home decor offering an eye-catching display. Hang flags singly or together depending on the look you wish to achieve. When grouped these items provide a splash of primary colour great for brightening up a room. As an alternative to artwork, vintage maps can easily be framed and hung on an open wall. Nautical maps and nautical charts come with their own stories behind them and add character to a room while offering a neutral colour palette to blend well with other decors. (Source: Invaluable)

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