Add The Freshness Of Fruits To Your Events With Shiv Fruit Mart

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Shiv Fruit Mart is the leading fruit service provider in the outdoor catering industry, and not only in the Delhi/NCR region but in the entire Indian subcontinent. The business which was started in the 1940s with a small retail shop in Bengali Market has come a long way since then. They provide high class Indian and Imported ‘fresh fruit stalls’ and exclusive designer fruit concepts in weddings, receptions, conferences, kitty parties, anniversaries, etc. 


Shiv Fruit Mart believes in providing high-quality products to its customers based on their demands and needs to give maximum satisfaction. They believe that a relationship builds on trust and understanding and thus goes a long way. They deal with the client with the utmost professionalism and thrive for client satisfaction through their services. 


Since they have been in the industry for such a long period of time, they understand the pulse of the business better than anyone. They understand the upcoming market trends and always look for ways to adapt to these changes. In the past few years, competition has increased but Shiv Fruit Mart has made sure to keep pace with the changing market year on year and still provide the same level of services. 

They are highly committed to not only deliver the best quality of fresh fruits but also provide world-class services. The brand has been evolving, taking inspiration and incorporating newer ideas to present their fruits to the ever-growing list of satisfied customers. Choose the best vendor in the market, i.e. Shiv Fruit Mart to serve you and you’ll never be disappointed. 


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