Adding Silk To Sheen


Tracing its history to China, the high maintenance protein thread is known to have draped women for more than 3000 BC. The prismatic molecular structure of the fabric that refracts light has been a hallmark of augustness since and was adorned by Emperors and select few as not only clothes but also ornaments. The brilliance of the texture, the luminance of silk weaves has allured Romans and Persians that flourished the lucrative trade along the length of Silk Road. India being a hub of Silk produce now, a plethora of options are available in the form of Chanderi, Kancheevaram, Mysore, Konrad and finely woven Benarasi Silk with silver and gold zari to name a few. Mulberry with 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic nature is the highest quality of silk available. The Bombyx Mori moth that is fed purely on Mulberry leaves produces this finest and luxurious of all silks.

Enamouring women with its sheen, the fabric still reigns the wedding and fashion scene in all its glory. Being served as a currency once, the precious produce has its own modern-day renditions for that stylish and a million dollar look. We bring you the celebrities of B-town who took the silk route for that absolutely regal statement.

Shilpa Shetty looks stunning in a pink, red and orange coloured fusion Silk designer lehenga.

Fashion Lingua

Alia Bhatt paints a pretty picture in a pink brocade palazzo and a silk shirt.

Deepika Padukone gracefully pulling-off the ethnic ensemble in silk shararas.


Anushka Sharma channels her inner Goddess in a red Benarasi Silk saree with traditional gold work.

The Quint

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wearing a golden tussar silk salwar kameez with a pink silk dupatta.


From off-shoulder crop tops, culottes, kurtas, gowns to ethnic ensembles, the rich evergreen fabric can grace any occasion form a casual party to reception with elegance.

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