India Couture started on July 25, 2018 and what better way to start it with other than leading couturier Tarun Tahiliani. With a collection that spoke volumes about Indian tradition and yet gave hints of the western designs and silhouettes, Tahiliani proved yet another time why he is who he is. In shimmering florals and weightless drapes, the mythical paradise of Elysiumis was recreated through the decadent lightness of Tarun Tahiliani Couture & Bridal Wear ‘18-‘19. Evoking images of paradise and angelic gardens, where gods and goddesses wander, the designer unveiled his brand new collection.

Juxtaposing iconic European construction with classic Indian styles and embroideries, this collection exemplified an India Modern aesthetic. In the structured lightness of every drape is the embodiment of a new voice of tradition, one that proudly carries a rich heritage into a modern way of life.

A soft, ethereal palette was crafted with resplendent layers of Swarovski-encrusted embellishment on the innate buoyancy of crinoline. The fine threadwork of traditional Indian embroidery formed the textured canvas for myriad layers of embellishment and drape.

The menswear line shared a similar ethereal lightness, rooted in Tarun Tahiliani’s quintessential sartorial finesse. Seamless constructions of fit and fall translated throughout the line of hand-embroidered muted monotones. Ivory, mauve, powder blue and tea-rose straddle one end of the solid colour-wheel, while ebony and burgundy completed the circle.

Contrast detailing in deep peach, ochre, orange and paisley add vibrant bursts of auspicious colour to debonair sherwanisbandhgalas and bandhis. The eye for perfection echoed in the contained drapes of the pleated long-line kurtas, grandeur of the pre-fitted cummerbunds and textured elegance of pin-tucking.

Time stopped ticking as the ethereal beauty that Aditi Rao Hydari is, turned showstopper for Tarun Tahiliani. Wearing a soft lehenga in hues of peach and pink in shades of ombre, Hydari looked nothing less than an angel coming down from the sky.

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