Adopt these Healthy Habits in your Lifestyle


Adapting to the new normal in the post covid era requires consistent self-effort. The unwanted feelings of helplessness, lack of motivation and being trapped in an imaginary cage often become uninvited visitors and haunt our minds. To overcome your darker side, you need to step forward and make some countable changes in your lifestyle. Starting with the 21 Day Rule and tracking your progress each day will be a good step towards building healthy habits.

Adapt the 21 Day Rule


Usually, it takes 21 days for a person to make a habit. Repeating the same tasks continuously for 21 days makes our brain conceive the new data to develop a habit. The 21 Day Rule will make one consistent and regular in performing the duties in a day.

Schedule Workout


Working out at least three days a week is enough to keep the body healthy. You can start with going for a 30-minute walk every day in a neighbourhood park to have the fresh air soothe your senses and calm your mood. 

Take Proper Sleep

Do you know that to have a stress-free mind, one must have a healthy body? To be physically fit and fine, one must maintain a perfect 8-hour sleep schedule. Having a proper sleep schedule reduces the risks of heart diseases, improves digestion and helps one attain glowing skin.

If you are keen on building healthy habits that will multiply your productivity and stay with you for the long run, then get started with making small changes in your routine.