Love and live :Adventure honeymoon ideas for couples


No more regulations and now it’s time for destination weddings and traveling endless honeymoons. And couples now a days don’t want to stop there and want to take the extra route for their travel .If you’re the kind of couple who love a little adrenaline and adventure alongside your relaxing honeymoon duration then it’s worth seeking out destinations that can satisfy that desire. Be it kite surfing or bunge jumping whatever sort of thrills you’re after, there’s an adventure honeymoon out there that’s just waiting for you! We have listed a few places you can consider check it out. 

Hot air balloon experience at Cappadocia, Turkey

What could be more magical and adventurous than spending the night in a cave? Of course, the caves at Yunak Evleri in Cappadocia, Turkey, are incredibly plush—no need to worry about hibernating bears here. You can also participate and enjoy  the fantastical view of hot-air ballooning at sunrise.


All wheel drive in Golden triangle, Thailand 

While there are no shortage of opportunities for adventure on a honeymoon in Thailand, especially  the mystical Golden Triangle, so get ready for some  jungle adventures including foraging walks, up-close elephant encounters, private journeys by boat, and all-wheel drive vehicles into the untamed wilderness and some truly stunning temple sites.

Jet boating in Queenstown, New Zealand

Get an eagle-eye view by leaping from a plane or soaring alongside glaciers in an eight-passenger plane.New Zealand holds the crown for its access to high-energy activities. From fast-paced jet-boating to canyon swinging, ice climbing, and of course bungee jumping.

Trekking in Selfoss, Iceland

The unique activities here are far from the only reason to visit the Nordic nation of Iceland , which include discovering secret hot springs while trekking through lava fields, caves and a desert of black ash, as well as ice cave exploration and even glacier hiking.

Paragliding at Medellín, Colombia

Colombia’s capital city makes for a great honey moon stop for high-adrenaline day trips ranging from cycling excursions along scenic mountain roads to paragliding above the valley below. Also the place boasts of a chance to visit to the vibrant town of Guatapé, to climb 740 steps up the El Peñol monolith, where serious thrill-seekers can even base-jump off the top.