Aesthetic Picks to Light Up Your Décor Game


Home décor is an art and all of us are budding artists. It is important to keep your sacred space happy and lively as you will be spending some special and maybe not so special moments of your life in there. Even if you are not spending a lot of time at home, and more at your workplace, whenever you get back to your home, it should release all the stress out of your veins. So here are some simple tricks to turn your normal-looking house into something that pleases your soul –

  1. Replace Your Beds
A simple canopy DIY bed.

It is time to say goodbye to the pale and boring bed sets sitting in your rooms. Replace them with cloud beds, or canopy beds to create the perfect cozy environment. If you want the ultimate Pinterest vibe, you need to ditch the bed and get your hands on thick floor mattresses. In either case, you can convert your normal bed into a canopy by simply adding a few curtains around the border, and pinning them up together to the wall. By doing so, you will be adding to your room which is eye-pleasing.

  1. Bring In a Chair
Swinging chairs work as a great piece of accessories.

No, we’re not talking about the dining chairs. Bring in an abstract chair, which has patterns, or is oddly colored. You could also hang in a swing chair in the corner of your room, for the perfect vibe. The times when you do not feel like sitting on your bed or the bed, hop on to your new guest with a book and some hot chocolate, and you are good to go.

  1. Accessorize Your Mirror
A full-size floor mirror can change the look of your place.

Mirrors play an important role in elevating your rooms. Adding small identical mirrors on one of the walls can actually increase the attractiveness of your room. You could also pick mirrors with different patterns, or which look broken but are not. A recently hyped mirror is the one that is life-size and sits directly on the floor. Fashion bloggers especially are in love with this one.

  1. Wall of Posters
This wall of frames is so pleasing.

One of the most popular western styles of decorating your room is to multiple posters or photo frames on just one wall of the room. This adds drama and color to the entire vibe. You could choose a specific theme like your favorite sports or band. Or you could put up your favorite memories, frame them up and let them sit on the wall. Do not settle for posters or frames of the same size. Experiment with all sizes as this adds up layers and patterns to the wall.

  1. Gleaming Lights
Experiment with the lights in your room.

Lights are essential in changing the appearance of your room. No lights at all could make your room look smaller, while dull lights are tricky, but if done right, they can level up the warmth. Multiple lights not only brighten up your room but also makes it look larger than it is. You could add table or floor lamps, fairy lights, tiny bulbs, or lights that are fixed in the false ceilings.

  1. Add the Greens
Indoor plants create a happy vibe.

Indoor plants have been gaining popularity in the gram world, and it really is a trend to live for. Plants do add a healthy vibe to your home when they sit outside, but on the inside too. Grab some tiny and large indoor plants and place them on the floor and shelves of your place. Not only does it elevate the look of your rooms, but also creates a positive and fresh environment to breathe in.

  1. Play with Your Palette
Add pastel color to your walls.

Paint your walls in different colors. No, do not make a rainbow out of it, but choose light yet different colors for all of them. You could also opt for pastel colors; they are quite trending these days and give a subtle touch of tint to your place. If you would like to go minimal, paint your walls white instead of cream or champagne, as that has more scope for the experiment.

  1. Organize Well
A well-organized stationery shelf.

Organizers are a great way to change the outlook of your room. Imagine a room with products scattered all around and one which has multiple drawers and trays that have similar categories of articles. Which one do you think will be more aesthetically satisfying? A simple act of arranging your things in a systematic order could do wonders for your rooms.