Aesthetic Weddings At Scenic Okinawa: Part 4


Everyone deserves a wedding experience in Okinawa! Amidst the soulful sounds of beaches and green nature, you will create new memories, as you tie the knot here. Miyakojima in Miyako Islands of Okinawa prefecture offers you several such breathtaking beaches and resorts to get married in an intimate ceremony and beautiful environs. It is simply a package for best destination weddings.


The best part about tying the knot here is that it can also prove to be a great destination for snorkelling and diving in the coral reefs for your guests. With subtropical weather all year round, the sights and resorts in Miyako Islands are sure to render you a calming experience as you venture in and around the destination. Indian weddings are sure to look even more vibrant here with the backdrop of the sea.


Explore the Yoshino beach, Sunayama beach and Maehama Beach — counted among the best beaches in Japan and around the world — as you set your journey around the area. This area is easily accessible from any of Japan’s major airports. Described by many as the paradise on earth, the heavenly location is one of the best destination wedding locations.

Hotel Shigira Mirage

Mirroring the breathtaking beauty of Miyakojima, Hotel Shigira Mirage is also known as the gateway to heaven on earth. The blue paradise, as visible in its surroundings, is beautifully accentuated in the vast property of the hotel. The comfort and relaxation of the guests is the utmost priority of the team at Hotel Shigira Mirage, as you unwind into the beauty of the mighty nature.

The biggest advantage of hosting a wedding ceremony here is that you get to choose your desired location according to the setup you need. Shigira Mirage Bayside Chapel inspired by the blue waters of Miyakojima, Kanade Chapel and Aoi Chapel opening into the vast blue ocean and also Allamanda Chapel surrounded by a private garden on a hill are some of the locations that are ideal for your dream wedding.

Hotel Shigira Mirage also offers you up to four banquet halls for your hosting needs and best destination weddings. Also, you can choose a suitable stay for your guests from Bayside, Hillside or Mirage Floor as per your needs.

Have a look at the offerings by the hotels that make it a desirable location for destination weddings.

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