Aesthetic Weddings At Scenic Okinawa: Part 6


Dreaming of a blissful destination wedding? Okinawa is the place for you! The beautiful beaches, calming mountains and astoundingly beautiful environs — Okinawa offers everything for a serene destination wedding. One can discover realms of tranquillity and scenic beauty in the form of pristine white sand beaches, subtropical climate, coral reefs, mangrove jungles and beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Whale sharks and the fascinating, diverse sea life at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium are sure to catch your attention. Performing arts such as playing the sanshin and dancing, traditional crafts and traditional performing arts are other peculiarities of Okinawa that highlight the desirability of its location. Yachimun pottery, Ryukyu glass, Kijoka-Bashofu and Bingata form the craft and fabric base of the culturally rich area.

Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay

With 800 metres of beach with natural white sand, Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel at Tancha Bay is your ultimate resort to indulge in the best seaside fun and frolic. Flourishing on Okinawa’s historic roots, Ryukyu Dynasty official — Jyana Rizzan — was the inspiration behind the name of the sea-park hotel. Hence, the hotel also offers a variety of dancing and singing performances of traditional Ryukyu dance and Eisa by ‘Tingara’ group.

At Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel, one can live the best wedding experience at the Rizzan le Angemarry Chapel of white walls and Spanish roof tiles featuring an aisle with the grandstand view of the sky and the sea. Above the altar, nine angels celebrate the beautiful amalgamation of two souls.

For your grand celebrations, ‘Rizzan No Ma’ which is glass built, open-air ‘Ocean View Dome’ in front of the beach offers 3D projection mapping, accommodating up to 500 people. Apart from that, there is an ‘Ocean View Dome’ and a ‘Keitai No Ma’ banquet hall for your further hosting needs.

Making your wedding celebrations even smoother, the Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel also offers various wedding plans where they take care of the food, splendid atmosphere at the couple’s table with beautiful flowers, stage arrangement at the couple’s table with various balloon shapes, a bright tower out of 5 stacks of champagne glasses, dresses, invitation cards, photographs and various other services.

Here are all the details about the rooms and offerings of the hotel that make it an ideal destination for your wedding!

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