Aesthetic Weddings At Scenic Okinawa: Part 1

Okinawa Photographer Pete Leong

Make your wedding dreams come true at Okinawa, Japan! If you are the one of those who dream of tying the knot amidst the azure ocean waves roaring across the shore and surrounded by a beautiful viridescent environment, Okinawa is the ideal destination for you.

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At the chain of islands at Okinawa, one can discover realms of tranquillity and scenic beauty in the form of pristine white sand beaches, subtropical climate, coral reefs, mangrove jungles and beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites. The group of islands is replete with the ruins and restored castles of the Ryukyu kings, making it culturally rich to explore new traditions, cuisines and architecture.

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When in Okinawa, don’t forget to explore sites like the Shuri Castle, the Ryukyu Mura theme park, Tamaudun mausoleum, and Peace Memorial Park that reveals the complicated and nuanced history of the Okinawa prefecture. Apart from that, have some good-old style fun when you soak yourself in the sun at white sand beaches, where you can hold beautiful ceremonies to remember for a lifetime.

Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island Okinawa

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Unfold the breathtaking beauty of the lush private island of Seragaki as you tie the knot at the Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island Okinawa. Here you can host a lavish wedding with great ocean views in the property’s five stylish and distinctive banquets, featuring modern facilities and astonishing service and care. Enjoy your ceremonies as the guests return pleased with premium services and azure ocean views from the guestrooms.

With the hotel’s lagoon and beaches; indoor and outdoor pools; Spa; a 24-hour Fitness Center; wellness activities; and Camp Hyatt program, there is no shortage of energising, fun or relaxing activities on Seragaki Island itself.


The hotel also features Seragakijima Church with a tiffany-shaped cross made of tiffany where you can host an intimate wedding ceremony.



Here are all the details about the rooms, ceremonials halls, and offerings of the hotel that make it an ideal destination for your wedding!

Stay hooked to this space to know about more exciting properties in Okinawa offering you everything for a lavish wedding!