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boot camp
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If you’ve said yes to your wedding dress, it is now time to leave no stone unturned to feel poised and look your best on your wedding day. Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the biggest and most delightful days you will ever experience. If staying fit is your only goal in life but time is of the essence, try doing boot-camp workouts which is a 30-minute routine that lends you a well-toned and lean body.

The exercises are very high on intensity, so it can be a little challenging as it leaves you with a very little scope to rest. Since your body constantly moves during the exercise, undergoing all the rigorous training will work wonders for you as you will burn a lot of calories. This form of exercise invites not only the strong and fit to participate; even the weak can engage in boot-camp exercise and walk towards the path of being fit. 


Boot-camp exercises offer great and astounding benefits. One must note that military exercises are not as easy like other workouts. Boot-camp exercise makes your muscles stronger and increases your endurance. The best part of this form of exercise is the flexibility of performing them anywhere, without a need for a particular kind of equipment. These exercises target areas like your core when you perform squats and planks. With various exercises for arms, boot-camp also strengthens your arm muscles, while exercises like squats and lunges give a lot of movement to the legs. Squats also help strengthen the glute muscles and your back. Boot-camp exercises definitely help you in losing your extra pounds that you may have piled on. If you are a diabetic patient, boot-camp is the best form of exercise for you since it will help you burn a lot of calories and will help bring down your blood sugar level. 

 Easy Exercises

Squat Kick-Outs is all about stepping out with the right leg. Bend your body like you would to sit on a chair. While you squat down, ensure your thighs are parallel with the floor. After you have clasped your hands, you need to step on your left foot, lift it up and kick towards your right leg.

Seated Knee Tucks are a great form of workout which targets your abdomen, thus enhancing your core strength. While performing these, one is required to be keep the back straight and keep the upper body firm. As you get your knees closer to your chest, you need to breathe out. Follow this step by squeezing in your stomach muscles and utilising your core strength to alleviate your body. 

Inchworm exercise facilitates in working out the arms, chest and upper back as well as the lower back and abdomen. It is termed as the inchworm because it imitates the up-and-down movement of a worm that moves across a flat surface. The workout needs no additional tool and equipment, meaning it can be performed almost anywhere. 

Rolling Squat is a form of a cardio move that majorly helps to fortify your core, glutes and legs. It boosts your coordination and balance, augments your stamina and enhances body metabolism. You can start this form of exercise by simply standing up at the front of the carpet in a position wherein your feet is shoulder-width apart. 

Once You Progress

Double pulse squat is a form of high-impact cardio exercise that aids in building muscle strength, enhances speed, explosiveness and tremendously boosts aerobic fitness. Along with activating your lower body, this workout facilitates in lending you toned legs, glutes and thighs.  When you perform double pulse squat jump, you need to stand in a position wherein your feet are shoulder-width apart and your toes should slightly point outwards.


Frog Jumps helps one gain muscle mass and get fast, flexible and powerful muscles, it further helps in balancing the heart rate and is very beneficial in muscle endurance. To perform these movements one must follow instructions like sitting back with your feet placed in a wide stance and with your toes turned out at an angle.

Lunge Kicks is a serious core workout that helps you work on your legs and glutes, lend a great cardio boost, thus enhancing your firmness and flexibility. Start the exercise with your feet placed together, you then need to step back with your right leg and lunge. 

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