An Expression Of Joy: Izhaar


Izhaar is for those who want to celebrate the art of gifting. Crafting exquisite wedding invitations, sumptuous wedding gifting, winsome baby collection, personalised gifting and other business appreciation gifts and goodies, Izhaar is a one-stop solution for all your gifting needs. Ruchita Bansal, creative director and founder of Izhaar has come a long way from designing small scale wedding handbags and envelopes to conquering the wedding industry with her vision and innovation.

Izhaar, the Urdu word for expression, stands for an exquisite range of gifts, invites, and accessories that give expression to your feelings for the most diverse occasions by perfectly encapsulating them with beauty, passion, and artistry. It is a celebration of unbridled happiness, superlative achievements, joyous togetherness and momentous occasions. The team at Izhaar rejoices this feeling by foiling one’s emotions with their artistry and craftsmanship. Above all originality is their core passion — words fall short in expressing love so Izhaar lets its creativity speak for you.

Izhaar is the brainchild of Ruchita Bansal, the lady with a Midas touch from Udaipur. Taking the art of self-expression to another level, she creates something that is truly one-of-a-kind. Working with a handpicked, highly skilled team of craft-persons and eco-friendly materials, Ruchita Bansal blends colour, class, and creativity into a personalised expression of joie de vivre, whose appeal is not only unique but also lasting. The result of an obsessive eye for detail and a passion for perfection goes hand in hand with a clear focus on practicality and usefulness.  She scours the world to discover the secret to giving great gifts. She meticulously attends to each detail and need personally, her clients are her family.


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