An Open Letter To My Future Husband


                              An Open Letter To My Future Husband


Hi love,

Forgive me, for I have started with a corny touch. But when the radar is pointed towards you, I will not contain my love and emotions. I have looked forward to being married since even before I knew what a marriage truly meant. Before we get tied up in the bonds of holy matrimony, there are some things that I want to say to you, some that I want you to know and some that I ask of you.

When I marry you, I will submit myself to you completely, but my submission shouldn’t be mistaken for submissiveness. I will accept you as you are, with all your qualities and flaws, with my arms wide open. But I expect you to do the same for me, because I’m not perfect. I will love and look after your family like my own, and I hope that someday you find the same affection for mine. I will be in the mood for physical intimacy just as passionately as you would, provided it’s making love for you and not just having sex. I will take care of you through thick and thin, in sickness and in health and in ups and down, and I won’t even ask for it back. All I will ask of you is to not mistake my ‘want’ of taking care of you for my ‘duty’ of taking care of you.

I will not be the nagging wife who calls you every hour, because my trust in you will be rock solid. But will you be willing to accept the fact that I have a lot of close friends who are men? I will respect each and every member of your family and I will never raise my voice or cross the line, but if I’m being put down then will you back me up? Will you stand up against the injustice towards me, if any?

Will you support me if I wake up one morning wanting to conquer the world with say, my book on cookery? Will you sit by my side with a tissue in hand, if I ever breakdown? Will you voluntarily go for shopping sprees with me? Will you rub my back after a long and tiring day of work? Will you wrap your arms around my waist and just look me in the eye, telling me how much you love me? Will you slide that lock of hair off my face and tell me that I’m beautiful? Will you hold my hand and take a walk in the rain? Will you kiss my forehead when I’m scared?

Will you let me have the last piece of cake? Will you always tell the truth when I ask you if I’ve gained weight? Will you let me drive your car? Will you let me win atleast one game of Fifa or Need for Speed? Will you tickle me till I’m begging you to stop? Will you be my Prince Charming, the one that I’ve always dreamt of?

To every guy out there, being someone’s Prince Charming isn’t half as taxing as it sounds. All you need is a little patience and a lot of love and respect for the girl you’re going to marry.