When it comes to dating, the more you flirt the better. But what if you are shy and can’t muster the courage to walk up to your crush and communicate your feelings. All the singles fret not, here are seven effective ways that you can use without putting in much effort.

1. A Smile In Time Saves Everything


The easiest thing you can do is to maintain an eye contact and smile while having a conversation with your crush. This not only makes you approachable but also fun to have around.

2. Those Who Laugh Together Stay Together


Try to make them laugh if you are blessed with a sharp sense of humour. Also, if their joke amuses you don’t shy away from sharing a laugh together.

3. Be Inquisitive


Ask questions and get to know him/her better. Though it will be wise to not go overboard and play detective with your crush and scare them off.

4. Add A Personal Touch


Gently touch their shoulder while having a conversation or steering them through the crowd. The touching should be gentle and shouldn’t make your beloved uncomfortable

5. Dress To Impress


It is always an excellent idea to dress according to the occasion and where what suits your body type and personality the best. Don’t forget to accentuate your best features.

6. Avoid Small Talk


Shy people are not known to be small talk connoisseurs so it is better to totally skip it as it won’t lead anywhere. Start off with a friendly smile and a well-meaning question.

7. A Dash Of Mystery


The most alluring trait of shy people is that they have an aura of mystery about them. Now that you know it use it in the best possible way.

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