Anahata: Unhurt, Unstruck and Unbeaten

Heart Chakra - Wedding Affair

Weddings can seriously take a toll on your mental and physical health and can make you extremely tired whether it’s your own or someone else’s. Your hormones change while you’re under stress, and the spike in adrenaline and the stress hormone Cortisol causes the couple to experience significant levels of anxiety and depression. It is stated that love has significantly improved people’s lives and brought them pleasure. Couples who are engaged sometimes do not have time for each other as well as for themselves since they are so preoccupied with planning their wedding. People frequently find themselves emotionally stuck due to blocked Heart Chakra when they have feelings that are rising up but no time to let them out.

What is Heart Chakra?

Our body comprises seven major energy points running along the spine. Each chakra facilitates Qi energy to travel through the body when it is spinning properly. The Heart Chakra is the fourth Chakra located at the centre of the spinal column. It serves as the focal point for love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness while managing and regulating the healthy functioning of the heart, lungs, chest, and arms. It is specifically correlated to the Air Element and is represented by green colour since, as per the Hindu tradition, the colour symbolizes festivity, life, and happiness.

Heart Chakra - Wedding AffairHow to identify if your Anahata is misaligned?

Heart chakra blockage or misalignment can profoundly impact a person’s life. If the chakra is not rotating in a healthy way, it might disrupt your physical health as well as your emotions. Couples who are engaged frequently have a lot going on, and these transitions may cause your cortisol levels to fluctuate and obstruct the heart chakra, the body’s emotional chakra. You might start feeling emotional as though a problematic relationship is what you are headed towards. With increased insecurities, you might expect to feel undesired. You would likely choose to resent more and forgive less while trying to manage your professional life and the preparations for your special day’s intricate details. Once you’ve had enough of the recent arguments, you might also feel emotional about the past and seek to put distance between yourself and your partner as a result. The misaligned chakra can also have an impact on one’s physical health, including heart palpitations, asthma attacks, increasing circulatory concerns, and erratic blood pressure readings.

Why is activating the chakra vital for newly engaged couples?

Managing the celebration and one’s personal life simultaneously during a marriage can be a challenging task. As people struggle with the transition from being in young love to moving towards “Happily Ever After,” problems are likely to emerge and become more severe. More obligations result in higher levels of adrenaline, which further blocks the Anahata. Significant concentrations of adrenaline from more responsibilities and commitments can lead to rising insecurities, anxiety levels and depression between the couple, which can further block the Anahata. A misaligned heart chakra can be the source of grief, fury, envy, fear of betrayal, and resentment of oneself and your companion. For newly engaged, happy couples, the misaligned chakra needs to be rearranged to avoid feeling distant from one another or feeling depressed.

Repercussions of a Restricted Chakra

The weeks preceding a wedding are often brimming with love, pleasure, and enthusiasm, which makes it challenging for us to realize how stressful the preparation is for everyone involved. There could be a plethora of issues that adversely affect your relationship and lifestyle. When organizing a marriage, we routinely give minimal attention to our health, which harms both our own health and the wellness of those around us. The blocked heart chakra needs to be healed since it could be the source of all burdensome thoughts in order to sustain a positive relationship. As a result of blocked heart chakras, the main issues that arise for newly engaged couples are outlined below, along with solutions.

1. Preparation Stress

Dream weddings can be emotionally demanding for couples since managing the wedding and dealing with growing life responsibilities can be incredibly exhausting. It requires patience to narrow down the suitable destination, the top photographer, the magical lehenga, and numerous other variables. It can be strenuous to choose the finest among so many things. Your hormones might well be mismanaged by the increased stress, which can also lead to a blocked chakra.

Meditation - Enchanting Mantras
How to Fix- Chanting and reciting mantras to change your energies would be the best technique to unblock the chakra in this circumstance. There are mantras that are appropriate for practically everyone. These include mantras for forgiveness as well as mantras for sanity, love, self-restraint, and strong relationships.

2. Communication

Couples and their families frequently find themselves deprived of communication due to the amount of preparation and organizing required, which can leave them feeling unappreciated, overlooked, and taken for granted. The inability to effectively deal with these feelings, which might be caused by a dysfunctional heart chakra, necessitates management before it’s too late and conflicts arise.

Yoga - Anahata - Wedding Affair
How to Fix- All you must do in order to cope with increasing stress and workload is to relax and get away from your daily preparations. Yoga is the best technique for a couple and their families to awaken their chakras. Yoga reduces the stress hormones in our systems while simultaneously boosting happy brain chemicals like endorphins, which help with anxiety reduction and mood enhancement. Some of the positions that have been shown to open blocked Anahata include Ustrasana (camel pose), Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Spinal Flex with Hands on Knees, Heart Openers (Yin), and Camatkarasana (Wild Thing).

3. Increased Insecurities

Both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be anticipate looking their best as the wedding day approaches. A couple has to appear their best considering it is the most significant day of their lives as a couple. This further motivates them to hit the gym and maintain a healthy diet. However, since the pair tends to closely monitor their physique to analyze transformation, it usually results in increasing concerns. They frequently experience trapped due to societally imposed beauty standards that make them want to fit in, which drains their self-love and self-confidence as well as hinders the heart chakra from spinning.

Self Love - Wedding Affair
How to Fix- Believing in and accepting oneself is the best method to deal with insecurities. Positive affirmations must be repeated whenever one is feeling insecure. These Positive affirmations are meant to assist you in overcoming self-doubting negative thoughts. Many affirmations, such as “My heart is open to give and accept love,” “I feel compassion for myself and others,” “I am a conduit for love and peace,” and “I am incredibly grateful for my capacity for love” can be repeated to realign the chakra.

4. Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy commonly signifies shared openness, vulnerability, and sharing. Whilst closeness need not be sexual, the word is frequently used to describe sexual encounters. Sexual intimacy is relatively simple to restore than emotional intimacy. Engaged couples frequently experience hardships in their relationships and feel cut off from one another. Couples that struggle with emotional closeness may retain grudges about past wrongs, find it difficult to forgive others and be more likely to feel unloved. Couples who spend less time together are more prone to experience loneliness and deactivate their chakra as a result.

Couple Hug - Wedding Affair
How to Fix- There are several ways to correct the chakra in this scenario, but practicing hugs more is one strategy that helps engaged couples feel more confident and passionate about one another. The “cuddle hormone,” Oxytocin, which is produced during hugging induces a state of peace and relaxation. The hormone also elevates feelings of connection, loyalty, and trust. A hug from your partner would promote a deeper, more intimate degree of connection while also reducing stress when you’re experiencing substantial changes in your life.

5. Reality Check

Transitions can be challenging, and it’s even more tricky while tying knots. It might be frightening and draining to be required to accept your responsibilities as a life partner and live up to your “in-laws'” expectations. When it comes to discussing money, a place to live, and having a marital relationship that encompasses perspectives from all the family members, reality hits hard. This may put a heavy emotional weight on the relationship and impair Anahata’s ability to operate effectively.

Couple Massage - Wedding Affair
How to Fix-
You can try a variety of techniques to balance the chakra in this situation, but the best approach to feel relaxed is to be able to cleanse your body from the inside out. The two can go out for a massage together, allowing the oils to control the flow of Qi energy through your body and help you let go of all your physical tension. To further detoxify the body from the inside, couples can also try herbal drinks like Hibiscus and Tulsi Tea.

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