And the Award for the Best Sunglasses Goes To…


Wait for a while, sunnies. Now that the summer season is officially here with barely any clothes on and the sun sitting right above our heads. I guess it is time that you start taking care of your own. While you make your decision whether to step out or not in this scorching heat, we are preparing a list of sunglasses for you to flaunt the entire season. We urge you to get inspired by different celebrities in the industry who have been in the media for these fashion choices –

  • Y2K Glasses
This Y2K inspired eye wear is so cool to flaunt.

The first one had to be the Y2K (year 2000) glasses. These pieces gained popularity last year with a fashion rewind time series. Also known as Retro glasses, Y2K are usually a mix of 2 pop colors, or they have a border to them. Mostly made in the oval shape, these sunglasses suit almost all face types. People on Instagram call these the Aesthetic glasses.

  • Tinted Sunglasses
Hailey Bieber in these red tinted sunglasses.

Tinted glasses are frames that are lightly colored, like a pinch of salt. Not too much, not too less, just the right amount. Basically, tint loosely translates to low saturation, and that is what these pieces are all about. Perfect for a brunch date with your friends in these burning breezes, you can sport tinted glasses with anything, from a pastel colored cool shirt, to a bright power suit.

  • Transparent Pieces
Transparent glasses can be worn at any time of the season.

One of the classiest accessories in the market, transparent pieces are here to stay. As the name suggests, they are colorless, or maybe white/ off-white in some cases. These aren’t actually meant to protect your eyes from the UV rays like sunglasses usually do, but they are a good eye alternative to hit a different road. 

  • Over-sized Pairs
Kim Kardashian pulls off this over-sized pair with ease.

Also known as XL glasses, over-sized sunglasses are for the bolder ones. Spotted on various celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton, these accentuate your look to another level. We recommend you keep your outfit basic, if you wish to wear over-sized glasses, as doing otherwise could go over the top. Taking over the market in mostly deeper shades, you can opt for XLs while heading to a top-tier event.

  • Color Pop Eye Wear
Robert Downey Jr. rocks these pop colored glares.

Is the weather so pale that it degrades your outfit of the day? Well, say no more. Instead, try a pair of colored sunglasses in shades like red, green, blue, and orange to add the X factor to your attire. These are darker than the tinted ones and lighter than the over-sized ones. You could go all bright and monochrome while donning a pair of pop glasses, or you could color block your look to attract the right amount of attention.

  • Cat Eye Sunglasses
Cat eye sunglasses have been in fashion for a long time.

The classic cat eye eye wear has hardly been out of fashion. Running in the trend from the 80s, wearing a cat eye pair immediately adds a chic touch to your face. This piece of face accessory creates an illusion of a sculpted and sharp cut face, which is the selling point! The trend started with women sporting this look, but now, even boys are out to kill!

  • Futuristic Pieces
Rihanna serves look in this futuristic pair of eye wear.

The latest addition to the fashion market is the futuristic eye wear collection. Inspired from sci-fi movies and artificial intelligence, these sunglasses serve cutting edge looks on anyone who chooses to sport it. These reflect a good amount of shine, which is why you need to keep your rest of the look minimal. It is something similar to the oversized glares, but glossier than the former.

So, this was an intense sunglasses session and we hope to see you flaunting one or all of these each day of this hot weather. Grab one of your pairs, get outside, show your friends how cool protection could be and viola! You’re good to go. Comment down below which pair do you think won the Best Sunglasses Award.