Anklet designs for brides to be


For all those brides who are looking for the perfect payal designs to make some noise Here is a list of ideas which you can incorporate to get that  traditional look with glorious anklets on their wedding day.

Why are anklets significant? 

During the time of Raja and Maharajas, and during the time when women were not allowed to stand in front of other men except their husbands.

Wearing a pair of anklets is considered a sign of their entry. When they walk wearing it, anklets make the tinkling sound and because of it, everyone gets aware of it that a woman or women are taking entry.

Kancheevaram and heritage jewellery is a love affair that’s beyond time.  Embrace the beauty of heritage with this intricately carved gold temple jewellery payal against the rich sheen of your kanjeevarams. Temple jewellery petals make great traditional additions to your wedding look.

Pearls are another great additions to payals. So if that’s your dream choice then we suggest that you  find your payal design to lock with little pearls studded in white gold. White gold is the perfect setting for anything pearl.

This broad silver bridal payal will take that empty space off your ankles and suit all light coloured outfits that you wish to wear and pair.You may wear an ankle length bottom to show them off.

Rajasthani women tend to wear the heaviest anklets and this Contemporary Silver Payal is one of them. Its pattern might just compel you to get a hold of it.this style might ne a little less comfortable but is sure worth it.

The peacock motif is assembled with white pearls and buckled up to the side of the ankles. This extraordinary payal design can complement Haldi and Mehndi outfits.

The simple yet sparkly crystal vibe will leave your eyes twinkling for more and have you choose this stunning Anklet.As bands are trending, you may walk ahead in the fashion horde with this pair of Diamond Band Payal. Plus you can always use it again as It goes with absolutely everything!

Just like any other traditional payal, this polki design payal too carries its unique elegance. When adorned with golden jewellery and a matching wedding lehenga, these exquisite pieces can add a touch of finesse to your look.