Are you Dating the Right Person?


Sometimes we often get confused about our partner’s feelings towards us somewhere in the middle of the relationship. Getting mixed signals from our loved ones makes us feel less special, which gives rise to second thoughts on the whole idea of a happy relationship. If you have lately been thinking over that whether you are dating the right person or not, then pay attention to these pieces of relationship advice:

1. Do they Love you for Who you are?


First of all, sit in silence and contemplate properly on your thoughts. Think, if your partner loves you for the way you are, or is he trying to change you into someone they want you to be? In a world where everyone is trying to be someone else, fall in love with someone who appreciates you just as you are. Don’t fall in love with the future version of your partner and don’t strive to control or push them to be someone else.

It is rare to find someone who loves you wholeheartedly no matter what, so keep him close and never let go.

2. Have they stood by You at your Worst?


As easy as it is to sing, “I need somebody who can love me at my worst”, it is equally difficult to find someone so devoted towards you. Supportive and understanding partners are hard to find, but surely not impossible! Someone who listens patiently and gives you genuine advice is definitely the keeper.

3. What you Give is What you Get!


In a relationship, it is always a two-way road. You should always treat your partner the way you want to be treated. You cannot blurt out expressions in anger and expect flowery gifts in return. However, at the same time, you must know your worth and do not settle for anything less than you deserve.

Knowing your worth is much important to create the base of any relationship. Having a balanced mind leads to stability in a relationship.