Astonishing Pre-Wedding Photo shoot locations in India


         Astonishing Pre-Wedding Photo shoot locations in India

Pre-Wedding shoots, a time to flaunt your ring and the sizzling chemistry that exists between you is witnessing an immense proliferation in India. The photo shoot is an opportunity to enhance the passion and affection that binds you and to exhibit it in front of the camera. These stunning and sensational pictures of you two together are a pleasant chapter that will be cherished for lifetime. After finalizing the wedding date, pre wedding photo shoot is the moment to preserve your wonderful memories together. The locations for these shoots are of the utmost importance to make them look exquisite. For each and every picture, one needs a picturesque background to display the love and spread the beauty. Take a look at these locations below and go for a mesmerizing Pre-Wedding Photo shoot.

The Himalayas

One cannot think of a more picturesque land that displays the vivid beauty combined with striking hues. The place gives romantic vibes offering a wonderful panorama surrounded by the lofty and snow-capped mountains. With breathtaking views in background, the photo shoot precipitates lively and fascinating photographs. From North-West to North-East, Himalayas furnish an array of scenic locations. Also, the place is ideal for lovers to spend some quality time, away from the hustle-bustle of marriage.


Jaipur, the city of forts is a prime location for getting some of the best captures you can ask for your pre-wedding photo shoot. The warmth, royal alike discern, and the striking colors makes it a beautiful location for the photo shoot. The aesthetic manifestation displays the grandeur of the place. Rajput–Mughal architecture portraying heritage and luxury, lush green lawns, and archaic courtyards captures grand spectacles. Get a royal feel and give it a shoot.

Andaman Islands

Flaunt the very essence of your love and plan a getaway to Andaman Islands to disconnect from the outside world and connect with your sweetheart. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches across the globe and blessed with lush greenery, immaculate beaches, and unusual marine life, it has everything needed for a flawless and stupendous photo-shoot. Also, opt for underwater photo shoot and stand out from the crowd.


Surrounded by lush greenery, crisp and clear sky, in the land of tea plantations, Kerala, famous as God’s own home, adds to the romantic delight. The contrasting color and the scenic beauty unveil a land perfect for the photo shoot. The tall coconut trees, open skies, sparkling beaches, and mind-blowing sunsets adds to the splendor.


Known as the city of joy, a photo shoot here will be no less than joy. The mesmerizing Ghats drawing further appeal from the splendor sunsets, the place is the ultimate location for a pre-wedding photo shoot. A blend of Indian and Western culture, a reservoir of aesthetic manifestations, the place has plenty to offer.