Avoid gaslighters in a relationship


Have you ever dated someone who had you all confused and flustered?  Someone who shattered your confidence completely and you’d find your self liking them. Gaslighters are lovers who manipulate you so as to get what they want from a relationship while outrightly negating the other one’s needs. It is really draining to be with someone who is manipulative and inconsiderate. Gaslighters tend to abuse and dictate their partners and even manage to get away with it conveniently. Wedding Affair shares the five signs that your lover might be gaslighting you. 

They lie

relationshipGaslighters often lie to you blatantly about things that they’ve done or something that they’ve told you before. They always make you confused with new lies and you begin to question yourself in a relationship. Lies are toxic and damaging to your relationship. You should not tell a lie to your partner in the first place. But, if you need to do so, make sure it is not a big one. In case it is, you must admit lying to your partner at the right time in the right way because he will know it eventually.

They mock you

They often make fun of you in a sly manner. They always make fun of your beliefs and opinions so that you don’t question them. Give yourself a cap on teasing. Decide how much is too much and what things should be off-limits. Playful teasing is fun, but it can quickly turn into mocking, especially if you’re in a bad mood or harbouring resentment. 

Their explanations are unbelievable

They always come up with cynical and concocted defence answers when you confront them. You end up feeling like you are losing your mind. The explanation is not important, a discussion is. A healthy discussion in a relationship can lead to great heights but an explanation leaves more hidden and unexplained than uncovered and explained.

Interaction with them feels draining

Instead of giving you adequate validation and appreciation, they leave you emotionally starved in a relationship. They always have a way of making themselves right and put you down. Perhaps you’re sleeping in more because you stayed up until 3 a.m. trying to support your partner during a big work project. Or maybe you’re struggling to stay awake because every single one of your interactions with your partner has been an argument.

You’ve stopped confronting them

You’ve become so drained that you don’t feel like confronting them about anything. Instead, you choose to ignore so as to maintain the relationship. Unsettled problems are a major source of stress, stress that can not only undermine your relationship but your diabetes management as well. Research has shown that successful relationships are not those that necessarily have fewer problems, but those that have found effective means of solving the problems that come up.

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