Avoid these Mistakes that Spoil your Wedding


Everything about a wedding is tricky. What if the place is overcrowded by the number of guests, or the food goes out, or you experience a wardrobe malfunction? We definitely do not want any of this to happen to you but there are some signals that you need to be careful of. Follow the below blog to find out the top mistakes or missouts that you really need to look after and avoid interrupting your dream wedding –

  1. Avoid too many guests
Overcrowding the wedding venue can be a huge mistake.

Yes, we know that weddings are all about being lavish and big and fat, but that doesn’t mean that you need to invite unnecessary people or people who you do not get along with, at your wedding. It is true that you and your partner might not be able to indulge and interact with all the invitees, however, the play who do not play a significant role in your life can be avoided. A wedding is a celebration of togetherness, and only the ones who are special to you and hold sacred spaces in your lives but for me cordially invited.

  1. Go for outfit trials
Ensure that your couture fits you well.

This could be one big blunder of your life and imagine it having on your wedding. Wedding couture is indeed one-of-a-kind, massive, embellished, and therefore heavy. And nobody is used to wearing these outfits on regular basis. It is understandable if you facing a basic malfunction or outfit disaster, but nobody wants that to happen. Even a minor slip could look bad. To avoid this, make sure that your ensemble fits right and is made of the perfect size. Also, ensure that your clothes are comfortable and not see-through. Wear your outfit a few times before the wedding and practice staying and moving in them for a while. This way you can develop a habit, and this would prevent issues at the wedding. Do not worry, you could get these freshly dry-cleaned before the day.

  1. Practice your entrances thoroughly
Practice grand entries several times.

Another mistake that you must avoid is not practicing the huge entries that you and your partner are going to make at your wedding. The equipment involved in a grand entry is usually heavy-duty which is why they need to be taken care of. Do as many rehearsals as you can with your team to ensure that things fall in place. Also, if you are having a dance performance, practice it too. Basically, everything that has been choreographed professionally or is different from your usual routine needs special attention.

  1. Book adequate no. of photographers
The photographers should never fall short.

Weddings are huge, which means that the crowds are massive. There is a possibility that since a photographer and his team need to cover each and every part of the holy matrimony, the staff might fall short. The person who is looking after the pictures and videos of the crowd needs to disperse. However, this is not the same person who is capturing moments of the bride and groom. Talk to your photographer and ask them to arrange an ample amount of photographers and videographers for a safer side.

  1. Research well on your accommodation
Make sure that your hotel has all the facilities that you need.

If you are planning a destination wedding, or if it is far from your place, and you wish to book a hotel for you, your family, and the invitees, this is an important tip. Before finalizing the place, following thorough research on the location. Look for safe spots around the area too. Go through the reviews of the accommodation and the services that they offer. At some point of time, a person can compromise on their own comfort, but for the guests, it should be top-notch.

  1. Check your stuff
Recheck all of your packed stuff.

Before moving to the venue, when you pack all of your stuff, check it a hundred times. Because no matter what happens, one tiny little thing is always left behind, which the bride’s brother has to go fetch back! We want all of the members to enjoy the matrimonial ceremonies fully, therefore, avoid these mistakes. Instead, make a checklist of all the times that you need to pack and carry. Ensure that you have put in all the materials that require from outfits, footwear, changing garments, towels, some cash, fragrances, jewelry, appropriate innerwear, and even a handkerchief.

  1. Keep a backup plan
Keep a backup plan incase anything goes wrong at the wedding.

Probably the most common disaster happening at wedding venues – is unloyal weather! This is something that is mothers warned us about when we were kids, and now that we are adults, we want to listen to her. Create a backup plan for your location, in case something goes wrong in the environment. Especially if you are doing the rituals outdoors. Make preparations for a rainy day, a sunny day, power failure, etc. The wedding organizers are well-experienced people and they know how to save the day.