Avoid these Red Zones to keep your relationship healthy

Red Zones

Albert Einstein once said, “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” In a relationship, it is not only the man but the woman as well who might feel that the strings binding their relationship are going weak. With time, a relationship can write its own death. These are a few red zones that you should avoid in a healthy relationship.

No Connection

Sometimes, loss of sexual connect can lead to a depressive phase in a relationship. Sexual intimacy may not contribute to being everything but is catalytic in maintaining the zing. 


This is one of those red zones to avoid at all costs. To some loyalty plays a critical mark against which their relationship’s ship banks. Infidelity on anyone’s part can disclose a lot about both the people in the relationship and can also signal its unfulfilled aspects.

Red Zones

Grown Apart

When two people with ever ticking wrist watches, get into a relationship, its demise is certain. Time is a crucial factor in deciding the dedication of a couple towards each other. To some, the quantity of time matters while to others the quality of time matters the most.


For humans, drawing a comparison between two people is inevitable. So much so, that at times, people experience a rebound in their relationship by moving back to their ex.

‘He was never into you’

The famous Hollywood movie ended on a sweet note when everyone eventually attends to their lives in the climax. Well, the reality of life stays indifferent to Hollywood flicks. One person can always feel lonely when the other isn’t fully involved in their relationship.

Red Zones

Different Futures

Different aspirations, perspectives and goals can lead to an indefinite end in a relationship. For instance, career goals, families etc. can easily manoeuvre the future course of a relationship.

Indifferent Families

Family members in a fully committed relationship or marriage can lead to its eventual failure. Often, anyone who is gullible towards drawing influences from their family members can end up being the victim of suffering failures.

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