Ayurvedic Ways for Radiant Skin before the Wedding Day


Having healthy and illuminating skin is the dream of every person. We spend abundant time finding methods for lively skin. It gets very essential for a bride to look healthy and beautiful on her wedding day not because everyone demands that but just because it is what she feels and what she wants for her special day. It is well known that makeup can help in looking pretty to some extent but it will not help in having healthy skin especially when your skin does not cooperate with you. Hence, here are some ayurvedic ways for making your skin sound and well.

    • Turmeric is the undefeated remedy

      Turmeric is the secret

Turmeric is one of the oldest and healthiest Indian spices that have a lot more to it than just having it in the food. Turmeric not only helps with medical issues but also helps in removing all the dirt from the skin and purifies it. Take a pinch of turmeric powder and mix it with one tablespoon of gram flour(besan) and curd and apply the mixture all over your face and neck as well. Keep it for half an hour. Rinse it with cold water. You will feel glowy and refreshed. For the brides, start doing it two months before the wedding for better results.

    • Stay hydrated

      Hydration is the key

Water is the solution for every petty to a huge issue. Drinking enough water is very necessary for the functioning of the body. Water flushes out bacteria from the bladder and helps in keeping a person stress free. Additionally, water helps in maintaining radiant and healthy skin which seems to be the ultimate goal of a bride. All the brides-to-be are advised to drink sufficient water because when skin does not get enough water it loses its elasticity and guess what brides can not afford that.

    • Raw Honey

      Honey is liquid gold

Honey is the remedial ingredient that is in use for so many years. Raw honey has so many health benefits like it is an adequate source of antioxidants which helps in preventing cell damage. It also works as a skin moisturizer and cleans the pores. If you have sunburns on your skin try applying honey on them as it helps in lightening the burns and also helps in lightening the scars. Raw honey also aids the pimples and acne on the face if used regularly. For a natural glow, brides should consider applying raw honey on the face and should begin as early as possible before the wedding day.

    • Coconut oil massage on the face

      Massage your face with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also an antioxidant that helps in removing dirt and dullness from the face and makes it look fresh and smooth. Coconut oil has fatty acid which is important for the skin. It helps in the removal of acne and cellulite. Brides are instructed to take two or three tablespoons of coconut oil and apply gently it to the face and do the massage in a circular motion. Leave it overnight. Make it a routine to do it before bedtime. On the wedding day, you will feel the gleaming effects on the face.

Ladies, give these Ayurvedic ideas a try as they do not have any side effects. These will help in the removal of blackheads and acne problems. You will start feeling the glow on your face and you will automatically begin to feel confident and jolly. These ayurvedic remedies will also help in relaxing your body and soul.

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