Ayushmann Khurrana’s Trendsetting Style Is The New Buzz!


Ayushmann Khurrana has been the show stealer of the season! The super amazing films that he recently did not only gained him much popularity but proved his prowess as a versatile actor. Despite hailing from a humble background, he has made himself a well known name in the industry. His dapper style has won the hearts of millions and we surely wish to see him more on screens. Ayushmann is a trendsetter to the tee. He inspires millennials every single day. His unique style is something that is adored by one and all. Wedding Affair shares Ayushmann Khurrana’s top 5 looks that are totally stealworthy. 

1. All White Look!

In the all white look Ayushmann Khurrana Ayushmann looks totally dashing. For the look, the actor paired a basic white T-shirt with white denim jeans, sneakers and a muted white jacket. To break the monotone he accesories the look with a red-lettered belt. 

2. Bold In Black

In this look, Ayushmann Khurrana looks extremely impressive. The sassy blue and black jacket is all class and unique. One can totally steal this look to look like a charming hunk. 

3. Colours!

Ayushmann is someone who is not afraid to experiment. Be it experimenting with films or style, Ayushmann doesn’t shy away. The athleisure look stands as a proof of it.

4. Cool Dude

Oversized jackets have recently become a rage. Most singers and actors are opting for the over-sized jacketed look. Here’s Ayushmann giving his own twist to the look.

5. Not So Classic Gentleman

Ayushmann’s style is fresh, vibrant and certainly quite off the mainstream pathway. 


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