Bachelorette: Your Buddy Is Getting Hitched!

Bachelorette Ideas - Wedding Affair

While there are other occasions to celebrate a couple’s union, Bachelorette is the only event dedicated to praising the couple as individuals during the wedding planning process.

What appears to be a source of turmoil from the outside actually serves the exact opposite purpose. This night helps the bride-to-be relax amid all the wedding chaos, and as her maid of honor, it is your most dire duty to make her final night as a Bachelorette exciting and memorable.

From the desk of Wedding Affair, we provide you with a comprehensive list of the preparatory steps and recreation activities that can go into each one to ensure a frolicsome evening.

Planning The Night

Bachelorette PlanningPartying is fun but planning a party is not. The task is extremely tedious and requires certain arrangements that are a must in the planning process. Now that you are assigned to plan one, stretch your muscles because here comes the planning car.

1. Guest List

Bachelorette Party - Wedding AffairThe very first task is to plan a guest list and determine the strength of the party that you need to arrange. A time to gather all the bride’s friends keeping in mind that all of them should be bachelorettes too. Once you will have a list of people that are to be invited to the party you can start with your further preparations.

2. Pick a Location

Picking a perfect location is one of the most crucial parts of planning. The location that you choose should be exciting and picture-perfect. If you are planning to travel then find a place that gives you both, adventure activities and new venues to explore. However, if you wish to organize a one-night party for the bride-to-be then book a private lounge as it will give you enough privacy to have fun but will also allow engagement from the outside world.

3. Finalize A Date

Picking the right date can be a tricky task. With so many friends, they all might have a date that suits them but not others and it can usually become chaotic. One way to do this is to know a time that is best suitable for the future bride and make your arrangements accordingly.

4. Book Your Accommodations

Accommodation For BacheloretteSearching for accommodation can be a hassle if not searched properly or searched in a hurry. Make sure that you have it planned one month before the celebration. After you’ve decided on your dates, be sure to browse for lodgings and compare pricing. Look for amenities the location would offer if you are pleased with the price. When satisfied, reserve the lodging and confirm the details including alcohol arrangements with the venue management.

5. Plan The Activities

The most crucial part of organizing a party is to plan it in a way that turns out to be exciting. The heart of any party is its events and we present to you the best activities you can arrange for the future bride and her bridesmaids.

  • Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Bachelorette - Wedding AffairThis is the best way to start the party for the soon-to-be bride. At the very beginning hand her over the ‘checklist’ that she would be required to complete throughout the night and reveal the most embarrassing punishment that she could be charged with in case she can’t fulfil the requirements of the hunt. Create a checklist that would have the dirtiest yet laughable dares. Make a list that contains dares like, asking a stranger to buy her a drink or messaging a guy with the same name as the groom or doing a body shot off someone’s body.

  • Mix Karaoke with Dumb Charades

Karaoke - Bachelorette PartyFirst and foremost, arrange a Karaoke Machine at your venue beforehand to avoid last-minute running. The next step would be dividing the bridesmaids into pairs so that one of them could enact the song given to her and sing it along with her partner if she guesses it right. To make it more interesting add a time limit. Let the bride sit back, relax and have fun judging which pair performs the best.

  • Hire A Photographer

Photographer For BacheloretteHaving real memories is fun but having something to look at a remember the day over and over again is what makes it even more memorable. This is your sign to plan and have a photographer at your friend’s Bachelorette and enjoy re-creating some cool poses while also having a plethora of candid images viewed later on.

6. Send The Invitations

Invitation Gifts - Wedding AffairOnce you have planned everything it is now time to send out invitations from the bride’s side inviting everyone to her Bachelorette party. You can make it more interesting by adding little invitation gifts to go along with the invitation cards. Make sure to mention all the intricate information on the card including the date, venue and theme.