Basic yet chic winter beauty guidelines


Cold winds, early sunsets and misty mornings – this can only mean one thing. The winter season is upon us! While the cold weather may bring in the chills, it gives you an opportunity to experiment with auburn tones which might be too dark to carry off during the summers. The cold weather allows for dusky colours and shimmer to settle into your personality. It is the perfect time to get dressed, sip a steaming cup of coffee and leave behind the gorgeous red coloured lip impression on the mug. Wedding Affair offers some basic guidelines for an oh-so-chic winter beauty look.


Let us begin from the focal point of where all your inherent charm comes from – your lips. The first step to making your lips pout ready is to start by moisturising them properly with a decent amount of lip butter or lip treatment. This is a reliable way of ensuring that your lips are never dry or chapped. Darker shades of lipsticks and other lip products may not be conducive for the summers.

However, the days of cold winds are for dark browns, deep reds, maroons, magentas and aubergines. A rich basic tone of maroon can do work wonders when teamed with smokey eyes. It adds an edge to your look by bringing forth an intensified tone. Inspired from the golden days of the retro era, shades like mahogany, scarlet and merlot are the current favourites for this season. Dark browns and mauves create a mysterious and sultry look. Nothing works better than a deep brown, be it for office hours or an evening coffee date. 


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Once you have decided with what you want to do with your lips, you can swiftly move your focus to your eyes. Highlighting your eyes in the right way plays a crucial role as bright eyes attract maximum attention. This winter skip your usual blacks and try varied shades of browns, blues and greens for eyeliners. These shades help in achieving well-defined eyes. Skipping the usual black will reflect a subtle change in your face but it won’t go unnoticed either.

After you have chosen to complement shades of kajal and an eyeliner, meticulously apply these to bring out the spark in your eyes. A bright golden eyeshadow or any other hue with glitter will give you all the brightness you need for a dull and dry winter morning. A basic eye shadow applied separately or with eyeliner and kajal works well either ways. Winters comes with many perks, from enjoying smokey eyes to bright glittery eyes. Create a smokey effect with deep greys, and blacks blended with maroons, blues and browns or a beaming copper. The best trick to make your eyes a dazzling affair for winters is to opt for creamy eyeshadows as it won’t let your eyes look dry.



The colouration swing doesn’t end at your lips, cheeks and eyes. The easiest basic way to add colour to the look is by colourful nails. Bright reds, hot pinks, blackberry, burgundy, navy blue, copper, you name the colour and it’s worth a try. Go crazy with your nail colours. Matte look nail paints are hitting the shelves, so try a matte black or a matte maroon. Such shades embellish your hands. Try shimmery nail art in vibrant colours to add some zest to your regular look. 

Before you go all out with experimenting with different colours, you should not forget the prerequisites for healthier skin to go well with frosty and dry winter mornings. Women often tend to skip their sunscreen in winters but that’s a big no! Even on a low lit day, you should not skip the sunscreen, the sun rays are always there to affect your skin. Always opt for a moisturiser or a foundation with a certain SPF to protect your skin from the sun. 

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