Beat the Monsoon Frizz with These Hairstyles


Monsoon is the season of happiness. Dancing in the rain, eating hot pakoras, making paper boats, enjoying swings are some of the fun activities we like to do in monsoon. The smell of petrichor and the dancing of peacocks makes our hearts swell with happiness.

But, monsoon can also be the enemy of your hair. With excess humidity in the air, our hair can get messy and become frizzy. The greasy and unmanaged hair can ruin the day. So, here are some of the hairstyles which you can easily try to beat the frizz and look your best

    1. Messy Buns to the rescue

Buns are one of the easiest hairstyles and can instantly make you look super cute. Messy buns are quite casual and look very chic, all you need is a rubber band or a scrunchie to try this hairstyle. It is quite effortless and will protect your hair. Messy buns are especially great for days you have greasy hair.

Messy Buns always look casual and chic
    1. French Braid or Dutch Braids is the question!

Braids are one of the most protective hairstyles. These help in preventing your hair from unnecessary damage, tangles and frizz. Braids give you a very polished and professional look. From Dutch braids to French braids, you have multiple options and ways to style your hair. These will also keep the hair away from your face and will prevent any breakouts on your skin.

Braids are always the answer
    1. Half Up-do in style!

This is a great hairstyle especially for a day out. All you need to do is take a section of your hair from the crown and tie it in a bun or a ponytail. You can use different accessories to style this look. It is quite playful and girly. Rock this with a pair of jeans and kurta to give desi-girl vibes, all while battling the monsoon frizz.

Even celebrities love this hairstyle
    1. Make way for Space Buns

Sporty, playful and eye-catching, space buns are perfect for having fun this monsoon. You’ll look like a fun princess Lea in this hairstyle. Space buns are especially great for going out with friends or on a casual date. These are perfect for monsoon as they make you look chic all while protecting your hair from the humidity.

Space Buns are super fun!
    1. The Quintessential Ponytail

Ponytails have always been a cult favourite for as long as one can remember. These are always in vogue and look super chic and feminine. Along with stylish, ponytails are also very versatile and can be easily dressed up as well as down based on the occasion. You can accessorise these using a bandana or cute hair clips.

Ponytails are quite versatile

Thus, the above mentioned hairstyles are quite easy to style and will be a great addition to your daily looks. These will save your hair from frizz and damage and will ultimately prevent hair breakage.

Furthermore, you can combine two hairstyles to elevate your look. For example- braided buns, Half up-do space buns, braided ponytails etc.