Beautiful Mandap Décor Ideas


A Hindu wedding comprises of the bride and groom taking rounds of the sacred fire, promising each other the sacred vows. Mandap is a sacred and traditional temporary covered-shelter or canopy made of four pillars also called Mandapa/Mandapam/Manavarai in the South. The mandap is beautifully decorated by the family of the bride which is the main centre of attraction in the whole Mandap ceremony. Mandap is the venue where the Hindu wedding should take place according to the rituals. Wedding Affair suggests some beautiful décor ideas for the mandap.

  1.     The Royal Mandap

Dripping arrangements of pure white and blush flowers are best off-set by the powerful gold accenture. It’s easy to dip into cliche in the decor with rhinestones, glitter and eye-catching accents, but a good royal theme will be as understated as it is beautiful.

  1.     Green Mandap

No need to book fancy hotels and resorts when you can create a beautiful affair out of your wedding by basing it in nature. You can perform your wedding rituals in beautiful open spaces with lots of trees around. White decorations look splendid on green backgrounds. Imagine taking your ‘phere’ while the lovely nature overlooks you. Imagine the breath-taking pictures that are going to be captured.

  1.     White Mandap

You can try giving a white theme for your wedding. Crisp white fabrics and decorations highlight minimalism and luxury. You can also give a coloured theme for your wedding. White, however, looks clean and stands out against decorations and backgrounds. Be assured of some stunning photographs for your wedding. Some cultures like the Parsi culture, already keep white-themed weddings. Remember gal mitthi mitthi bol from Aisha? Well, you can recreate that yourself.

  1.     The Colourful And Breezy Mandap

Choose one or two colours to really pop against an otherwise achromatic palette, mix a few shades in a similar colour family for a consistent look, or go all out with a rainbow of colours to bring your decor to life.

  1.     Flower Power

When in doubt, flower decoration is the way to go. Accentuated with the right amount of accessories, the flower mandaps look the most beautiful.

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