Beautiful Wedding Moments Captured By Sony Alpha

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All of us craved and waited for pictures from the latest DeepVeer and Nickyanka weddings, as those images transported us to the intimate moments from their wedding ceremonies. Many of cried of happiness when Virushka dropped their wedding pictures straight out of heaven. Noticed the glow on Anushka and the excitement of Priyanka? Noticed all of them laughing throughout their wedding festivities? Noticed the warmth we felt on seeing the couples tying the knot for a happily ever after? Wedding pictures hold so much love and warmth in them; thus, you would want a camera that captures the warmth, the smiles, and the shenanigans. Your perfect companion for all this is SONY ALPHA.

Alpha Community By Sony

Sony Alpha uses Exmor RS CMOS Sensor for high sensitivity to deliver stunning images. Combined with a mirrorless camera, it avoids Mirror Shock, Shutter Shock and Camera Shake to ensure pictures with intimate details. It also ensures supreme light sensitivity, also making it a great companion for video shooting. All of this also makes up for a compact, light-weighted camera. The camera even has a 4D Focus that ensures stunning wide coverage and maintains focus on a fast moving object. The 5 axis image stabilization gives you the scope to shoot in low light situations and to shoot as slow as 1/30 of a second to minimize blur. This makes it “the camera” for capturing the wedding dance and other intimate moments of a wedding celebration from various angles.


We all remember the beautiful image of Virushka on a mandap, just laughing on some joke that we’ll never know. That stunning image was taken on a Sony Alpha by ace wedding photographer Joseph Radhik. Radhik and many other wedding photographers trust on Sony Alpha for wedding photography specifically for the character images it is able to deliver. Go for a Sony Alpha for your pre-wedding shoot. If anyone from your close acquaintances wants to shoot your wedding, hand them Sony Alpha. You might even want to book a wedding photographer who strives by the camera. More details can be found on

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