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The Big Bun Story

When does one not get married? Never! Weddings are always round the corner, and so are trends. You really have to think everything through...

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There is No Season to Not Braid Your Hair!

Braids are only for little girls. Incorrect! There is no age to braid. While most people like to put their hair down or into...

5 nutrients you need to take for healthy hair

When it comes to hair care it's not only about nutritional deficiency or nutrient intake but also to understand the root of the problems...

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When it comes to fashion, the contemporary young Indian girls are opting for tasteful elegance over overstated boldness.Two major causes of concerns for every...

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Valentines day make up and hair looks 

Love is in the air again! Valentine’s Day is here and that means it’s time to start dreaming up new romantic makeup looks. Whether...

Date night hairstyle ideas for valentines day

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Hair care you need to know 6 months before your big...

The hair unmistakably is the crowning glory of any bride, after all a perfect hairstyle is what will bring your whole wedding look together.In...

Hairstyles for your D-day

While you are in the middle of your journey towards getting perfectly ready for the biggest day of your life, we have tried to...

Best foods to boost hair growth for luscious hair

Hair growth depends a lot on the food you eat. Your diet impacts the growth of your hair as much as your overall health.

5 Home remedies to get rid of dandruff instantly

Dandruff can be the result of a dry scalp or a condition caused by a fungus.Here are 5 things you should know and do to keep dandruff at bay:

Fix the frizz!! Four magical hair tips for the monsoon

Your facial beauty sure does play a huge part, but so does your hair. Make sure to keep your hair nourished and healthy with the four tips.

Hairstyling mistakes that cause hair loss or thinning

There are so many common hairstyling habits that can contribute to hair loss. Here are some bad hairstyling habits and what to do instead.

Drugstore products you need to own for healthy hair

Regardless of your hair concern: hair loss, breakage, undefined curls, or dull brittle locks, there’s a drugstore serum on this list to help.

This is why you hair isn’t growing

Trying to grow your hair out and barely seeing a difference here are tips to help you pinpoint common reasons why your hair isn’t growing.

101-guide to prevent all kinds of hair damage

With the right knowledge, you can keep hair damage to a minimum or even avoid it altogether. Here are some tips that can help you.

Hair hacks every bride must try for the healthiest hair ever

Most of us reach for any shampoo and conditioner, subject our locks to daily heat styling. Here are some hair hacks for healthiest hair ever.

Grave mistakes not to commit while washing your hair

Here are a few things you didn't know you were doing wrong, that did more harm than good to your precious hair.

Spring hair colour trends that will fill your feed

The arrival of spring is always a solid reason to switch up your hair color in our beauty book, but perhaps now more so than ever.

Habits that are unintentionally damaging your hair

There are so many bad hair habits we’re not even realising. Fortunately, many of these can be easily fixed as long as you take careful steps.

Heatless curl hacks that you need to know

These five heatless curl hacks are literally genius and will help keep split ends at bay and prevent damage caused by heat styling.

How to achieve the high gloss hair trend celebs love

Healthy hair is at the top of our 2021 beauty agenda, if glossy hair feels out of reach right now, don’t worry, we’re here to show you how.

Hair hacks for *healthiest* hair ever

We’ve shared the haircare rituals that’ll take your routine to the next level. Get ready for your healthiest hair ever.

Hair serums to enhance your hair growth

These serums are fueled with vitamins, nutrients, and scientifically-backed ingredients that’ll stimulate natural hair growth.

A 101 guide to prevent split ends

There are ways to keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends from happening. Let’s look at how you can do this.