Beauty habits you need to ditch ASAP!


Let’s be real, no one intentionally wants to mess up their skin, hair or nails. It’s worth taking the time to check-in and see where you might be going wrong. Some, you might be painfully aware of but you might be unintentionally making a few crucial mistakes in your busy day to day life. Wedding Affair lists a few common bad beauty habits, you may have adopted over the years and what you can do to go about fixing them. 

Touching your face

Did you know that every time you touch your face you are constantly transferring dirt and bacteria onto your skin? All the grime and bacteria can clog your pores and leads to potential breakouts. Not to mention if you pick on zits, please stop! You’re damaging the skin and might cause scarring and pigmentation. If you’re struggling, instead opt for pimple stickers that cover up and let the pimple gently heal by itself.

Using makeup wipes

Horrible for your skin, they are not a substitute for washing your face. They can cause irritation and even inflammation in some cases as it’s chock-full of not so great ingredients and sometimes alcohol that can dry up your skin. They don’t even remove your makeup properly, it mostly smears everything around. Plus, they’re extremely harmful to the environment. Invest in a good cleanser, balm or even micellar water and better yet do a double cleanser if you’ve had your makeup on all day long. This will deep clean and remove trace of any or all makeup so it doesn’t interfere with your skincare products.

Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase

If you’re having a lot of unexpected breakouts one major culprit could be your pillowcase. When you sleep your body temperature changes and you might sweat and our bodies let out any excess dirt, oil or leftover makeup. All this buildup ends up sinking into your pillowcase. It’s recommended to switch your pillowcases every few days to keep things clean and hygienic. If that seems like too much work make sure you are changing them at least once a week!

Forgetting to wash your makeup brushes

Let’s just be honest; no one is doing this as often as they should and it’s really, really bad for your beauty. Routine use of brushes without proper cleansing leads to clogged pores and potential acne breakouts. dirty brushes can transfer bacteria and yeast to your skin, which can give you nasty infections like pink eye and cold sores. You should be washing your brushes at least twice a week to make sure they are skin safe.


While exfoliating the skin is necessary to get rid of dead cells for smoother skin we have to be careful not to overdo it. Done too often it can damage your skin barrier leaving it exposed to bacteria, irritation and get enflamed along the way. First and foremost depending on your skin type you shouldn’t be exfoliating more than once a week. Pay attention to the kind of products you are using whether they’re chemical or physical exfoliators and opt for more gentle formulas to suit your beauty needs.

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