Though October it may be, one cannot stop thinking about the holidays and festivities awaiting us in the midst of our busy lives. And if it’s the next glittery holiday beauty collection by MAC which you must have by now already started dreaming of it, you’re totally in luck. Step into the spellbound world of MAC and treat your sore eyes with the first peek of the products, cause the festive dreams of millions of women have already been out. Having been in speculation much for a time now, it will grace the online and store altars just before the Halloween breakout. All this time, the curiosity for the next majestic league of MAC was under scrutiny but now, prepare yourself to be left awe struck and what you might expect out of the sheer new launch of big daddy’s new cosmetic ensemble.

Tempted to cater for the product you desire, the latest a la mode will contain the much needed elements for a woman’s basic make-up hacks and much more. Among the beauty thingies, a mini lipstick kit evaluated for 12 impeccable choices of shades have been furbished for the women of today. This one factor of element is followed by trail of brush kits with trendy chic style makeup kit bags and another with gold highlighter, several eye shadows and other shimmery products.

The curations have been thematically designed for the festive seasons coming up and the strategic launch of its league just before Halloween. The packaging is rumored to be in metallic cases which deems perfect with your end of the year trendy accessories.

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