Beauty Secrets Of The Timeless Beauties Of Bollywood


Getting in shape and having a glow on your face with flawless skin is what everybody in the world wants. But unfortunately not everyone gets it, there are innumerable reasons behind not getting ‘that glow’, it could be a busy lifestyle, tight schedule or simply the nature of low maintenance. Growing up we all wonder how these Bollywood divas never get aged or what kind of remedies they used to get the forever glow? But, today Wedding Affair is going to tell you the secrets behind these Bollywood beauties.

1) Rekha

Apart from regular CTM, she relies on spa treatments and aromatherapy. She uses a hair pack containing yoghurt, egg white, and honey. She doesn’t like hair dryers and artificial hair products.

2) Hema Malini

Bollywood’s ‘dream girl’ keeps her mane healthy and silky with hot oil scalp massages using coconut oil mixed with amla, tulsi, and neem.

3) Sharmila Tagore

At the age of 74, she glows bright and credited her skin texture to Bengali genes. She loves taking care of herself and going to the gym for fitness or just some yoga poses to refresh her mind and soul.

4) Dimple Kapadia

We all know how wonderful Dimple Kapadia’s hair is, she applies the egg pack to maintain those silky manes of hers.

5) Neetu Singh

A fitness freak Neetu Singh, takes great care of herself while exercising her way to get fit. At the age of 60, she exercises more than an average youth and follows all her diet regimen to stay fit and strong. Apart from that, she drinks cucumber water daily.

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