Beauty Tips For Every Bridesmaid


Chirpy bridesmaids illuminate the entire wedding atmosphere and act like all the necessary support that a bride needs. In an Indian wedding, a bridesmaid is a sight in that gorgeous lehenga or saree or that beautiful suit-salwar. It is often recommended to a bridesmaid that she must dress well for her best friend/sister’s wedding as a complement to the overall aura of the bride. Wedding Affair recommends some beauty tips for the bridesmaid to look her best at a wedding –

1. Avoid Going Overboard With The Makeup


A bridesmaid must look her delicate best. Light makeup with pastel-coloured lehengas looks just perfect on a bridesmaid. Heavy makeup goes well with the bride. Lighter makeup goes well with the flirty look associated with a bridesmaid. Basic everyday makeup that goes well with her attire must do the wonder.

2. Dreamy Hairstyles

Flirty beach waves, smooth curls, or elegant straight hairstyles look beautiful on a bridesmaid. If you don’t feel like completely changing your hair texture, style your natural curls as you normally would, but add a touch of sparkle for the occasion with a beaded accessory. If you have naturally wavy hair, leave them as such for a natural and smooth look.

3. Dewy Makeup


Dewy makeup is the trend of the season. It beautifully blends with that style of a bridesmaid. Beautiful contours, shiny highlighters and a light blush create a subtle glamour that just oozes out especially in the photographs. Get ready to shine in the wedding all through the way.

4. Pastel Shades


Pastel-coloured lips and cheeks are just the right kind of makeup for a bridesmaid. It looks natural, pretty and elegant. Plus, it goes with multiple attires as well. So, whether it is a bright-coloured outfit or a subtle pastel one, or even a white one — pastel shades just go enormously well with a bridesmaid’s look.

5. Nude Makeup


For the fresh and unmade up look, a little colour is a must as well. Choose a blusher which naturally blends in your skin tone and illuminates it without attracting too much attention to it. Putting only a little makeup that matches and accentuates your natural skin tone just creates the most beautiful look.


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