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We’re constantly searching for new trends to keep our look fresh as we welcome the new season. After the year we’ve had, we’re looking for anything to brighten up our day and make us feel good. From the wellness trend that’ll help relieve anxiety and stress to the wavy nail trend all the celebs are loving, these beauty and wellness trends are going to be everywhere!

High Gloss Hair

High gloss hair is all over social media at the moment, and we’re low-key obsessed. The celeb-loved hair trend is exactly what you’d expect – super glossy, almost-glass-like locks. However, unlike the glass hair trend on super straight hair we saw a few years ago, it’s suitable for all hair types and textures. In fact, it works beautifully with curls and protective styles too, you just have to use ultra-restorative, high gloss hair products.

Wavy Nails

Wavy nails seem to be everyone’s fave nail trend, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. The creative trend has actually garnered a strong celebrity following, from Kendall and Kylie Jenner to Saweetie and Dua Lipa. If you haven’t seen the trend on Instagram, it’s a form of nail art created with freehand wave designs, which can vary from large curvy patterns to intricate swirls. It’s a great trend to experiment with as you can totally switch up the mood depending on your vibe. Choose neutral, delicate swirls and mix and match color, pattern, and texture, or keep it minimal.

Nostalgic Beauty

Right now, we’re willing to try any beauty look – the more glamorous the better – just as long as it helps us escape our sweatpants and topknot situation. Case in point: this stunning 60s look on Addison Rae! Everything from the Twiggy lashes to the headband is utter perfection. If you’re not into the 60s, why not try 70s glam with a big blowout or shaggy haircut. Failing that, 90s supermodel makeup will never go out of style.


At its core, skinimalism a beautiful hybrid between makeup and skincare. With a greater focus on skincare, makeup will be become more minimal to show the beauty of real skin, which means freckles, pores, and texture. Get ready for lightweight formulas, tinted moisturizers, cream highlighters, and tactical concealer application. As for your skincare routine, we’ll see a rise of antioxidant-supercharged serums, glow-getting ingredients, and hydrating, skin-plumping moisturizers.

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