#BeautyHacks to beat the summer heat 


Beauty comes with its share of troubles, and especially during the summer heat you better make appropriate choices. Speaking of appropriate choices here we have four tips for you to follow this summer.

Focus on hydrating!!


Speaking of some foolproof and basic beauty summer tricks, well then the first one would be to make sure to keep your skin hydrated and your body too. Keeping yourself hydrated will in turn give your body a summer cleanse by keeping it cool at all times. Furthermore, it is even more important to keep your skin hydrated by using a moisturizer that is basically gel-based and keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. 

Waterproof Makeup 

Well, using waterproof and lightweight makeup will help you beat the scorching heat this summer. Because c’mon girls who like an oily crease or an oily foundation that tends to melt on your skin? No one right? Well, in order to avoid such blunders you better make sure to use waterproof makeup. It’s high time that you diss your usual liquid foundations and opt for some water-based and matte ones that might not give you a hard time while you’re out in the sun. 

No heat for your hair

We know that you girls are quite tempted to style your hair with those sexy curls and that cute straightened look, but another beauty tip for summers is to avoid overheating your hair strands. Because no matter how perfect those streaks look after a blow-dry or an iron it still damages a lot of your hair. And trust me, you really don’t wanna lose your beauty over some heat appliances. And even if you still feel like getting those curls and styling your hair, well then you can probably use better DIY techniques to do so. 

Natural/organic applications 


We know that it is quite hard for you girls to go without makeup at certain parties and get-togethers, well then if you’re so fond of makeup and beauty products then just make sure to use naturally approved or organic ones. It is always good to have some prior knowledge about the products that you’ve been using, so it’s better to have a thorough check before dabbing that product into your skin. 

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