#BeautyPersonified with Snapchat filters: Best filters to try out!


Natural beauty sure is the best one to cherish, but what about the filters nowadays? Yes, we’re talking about the Snapchat filters! Speaking of Snapchat, here we have some of the best and the most beautiful-looking filters that might add more glamour to your Insta feed.

Vogue noir filter


Snapchat is one of the most interesting and cool social media apps that you all could ever find, right? Speaking of Snapchat well then the app is all about the advent of the story trend and of course the filters. Coming on to filters, in the list of best filters, the first one had to be the Vogue noir filter. Who doesn’t want to be featured on the Vogue cover shoot? I suppose all of us right? And this filter gives your dreams a sense of start and you can pose all you want with this aesthetic vogue filter and flaunt it with your friends all you want.


How many of you struggle to make your ensembles look all aesthetic yet fashionable? If you do then Snapchat has the perfect solution to your troubles. The fish eye filter from Snapchat is like one a million kinda bright yet subtle aesthetic filters. It offers your face a perfect tone of soft hues and the perfect amount of yarn on the filter gives you all the sassy and aesthetic aura that you’ve been looking for.

Ocean grain


Well, this filter is the actual representation of #BeautyPersonified. The ocean grain filter is all about highlighting your facial features and making you look good at all times. Since grain is the key element to give your image an aesthetic effect so this filter specializes in the same. Moreover, it tends to highlight your lashes and makes you look like a runway model even if you just woke up, so yea that’s the pretty power of this filter.


This filter is exactly what the name suggests, SOFT! If you’re a morning person and you feel good while clicking pictures in the natural light well, then the soft filter will give you all-natural light feels while you click pictures. It tends to change the tone of your skin into a softer one, your lips turn a little pink and the grain of course is optional. So, this filter will make you look like a pretty blooming flower with a soft and subtle tone.

P.S.- Dear filters, we sincerely appreciate your efforts!!

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