Bedroom Talk: Things men love alongside Sex


FB-what-men-want-in-bed-1200x628Yes, sex is considered the ultimate high, but what compliments the ‘cuming’ together of two bodies are the little things that lovers do for the love of intimacy. If you are trapped in the cobwebs of doing only the ultimate act, you are missing out on taking the real coaster ride of desires. Want to ride the men’s definition of high? Here’s a bedroom talk insight!

Lying absolutely naked

Men have an obsession with lying all naked in bed with their partner, even if they’re not having sex. This makes them quite comfortable, giving them a sense of security and also passing on the vibe to you. Moreover, the clothes are one big obstruction for men, they want you to lie bare clothed to be able to keep touching you and exploring you to bits. Lying naked and testing each others’ grit to keep hands off is going to be a fun session.

A shower together

A woman’s wet naked body is a major turn on for a man. Even if he has no intentions to hump over he’s just pleasing his organ of sight. Most men prefer a hot-shower session before starting onto the main job. This helps them set the right mood, builds intimacy and pumps them up. Also having a shower before love making gets you rid of all the bacteria and sweat.


Many men love experimenting new and unusual things while in bed with their lady-love. As we know men have a secret liking for porn, not all agree to the fact, but they like watching porn while giving themselves a hand, and so, they would just want to experiment a new trick or move they watched in the clip last night, to impress their lady.


Men absolutely get wooed by women who can tease them. They just love the lady initiating an array of naughty stuff. It could be stripping sensually; dodging them to get hold of you, blindfolding them and making them touch your bare body. Men love how you create a level of curiosity, intrigue and interest to please them. It is a universal way to make your man feel relaxed, bond and have fun. Once you discover how attracted your man is towards you, you’re never going to stop teasing him.

See you masturbate

I don’t think any man would disagree to this. They just skip a beat when they see their woman taking charge of her own pleasures. They just ball-over when their lady self-pleases her in their presence. The moans, the grins and that sense of satisfaction that comes along with her masturbating are sometimes to die for. The way she caresses her breasts, flicks her nipples, and strokes herself is nothing but just hot. For some added spice, order him to stay put and not touch you or himself until you’re done. This will keep him wanting more of you.

Talk Dirty

Dirty talking is equal to foreplay for some men. Yes, they do get turned on. Do not doubt a man’s imagination when it comes to talking in-bed stuff. Just talk dirty and nasty, explaining all your wildest fantasies, and watch your man drool by. Also, men think that talking dirty reveals the amount of self-confidence a woman has, leading to a clearer view of what she likes and dislikes in bed. Talking dirty makes your man feel special because not everybody would discover this side of you and that boasts their ego.