Benefits of Applying Oil to the Navel

Applying oil to the navel
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Benefits of Applying Oil to the Navel: Growing up, we have seen our grandparents or parents massaging their bodies. Massaging your body with appropriate oils is the best thing you can do with your body as they help calm your nerves and heal your body. The belly button or in scientific terms navel is the point that connects the nerves of the whole body. So, it gets very necessary to take care of this littlest body part.

There are several kinds of oils for the navel that can do wonders you could never think of. Even Ayurveda suggests that oiling your navel daily channelises the energy that is stored in the navel. You have to start paying attention to your navel because if it is not given rightful heed it can lead to some major infections. This is the traditional Indian way that is advantageous for curing multiple kinds of pains and skin-related worries.

Wedding Affair is here with the benefits of applying oil to your navel and the right time to apply them.

Keeps The Navel Clean And Tidy

clean navel
Keep your navel clean and tidy

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Taking care of hygiene is the first and foremost thing. When you apply oil to the navel it keeps the navel clean and tidy. Don’t forget your navel when you take care of your whole body. You can use jojoba oil or grape seed oil or simply mustard oil to your navel every morning while bathing. You can use cotton and dab the oil in your navel.

Saves The Navel From Possible Infections

Saves navel from infections

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This will reduce the chances of infections. When you oil your navel daily it will keep the navel nice and clean. But when you don’t oil the navel, it increases the chances of fungi and bacteria in your navel which can slowly spread to the other body parts. Use mustard oil or coconut oil to protect your navel from infections. Apply them once in the morning and once at night before sleeping.

Cures Stomach Problems

stomach ache
Cures stomach problems

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Apply essential oils to your navel regularly as it helps in coping with abdominal problems. If you are having pain in your stomach or feel a little uneasy in the stomach, you should definitely massage your navel. It helps in detoxifying your body hence keeping the abdomen healthy.

Enhances Your Complexion

Applying oil to the navel
Radiant skin

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When you apply oil to your navel, it helps in improving your complexion and brings a glow to your face. It helps in removing impurities from the face as massaging the navel improves the quality of the blood that circulates in our body. You can use coconut oil or neem oil for that. Apply the oil twice a day for better results. Also, it helps in dealing with acne and dryness of the face.

Solution For Chapped Lips

chapped lips
Cures chapped lips

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It is very well known that massaging your navel with oil is a great remedy for chapped lips. Winter season is here and so are the chapped lips. You go for so many ointments that are filled with chemicals for treating your chapped lips. Not anymore. Use coconut oil on your navel every day and night as it will help in curing your chapped lips.

Helps Cope-Up With Menstrual Pain

menstrual pain
Helps cope-up with the menstrual pain

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Menstrual cycles are very painful and terrible and for some girls, it is just unbearable. When you apply oil to the navel or near the navel part it helps in relieving the pain and provides you comfort. It is suggested to use castor oil for this part. Warm the oil and massage your navel with it. You feel instant relief from the pain.

Beneficial For Joint Aches

Applying oil to the navel
Beneficial for joint aches

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There comes the age when your joints start aching and you get diagnosed with arthritis or osteoporosis. To treat these joint diseases, begin massaging your navel on a daily basis. Rosehip oil and ginger oil are suitable oils for joint pains. This will help in removing the stiffness from the joints.

Improves The Eye Sight

Improves the eye sight

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The navel is connected to the veins of almost the whole body and the eyes come under it. When massage your navel area with mustard oil to improve your vision. It is a slow process but it will stay for the long run. It also reduces dark circles and manages puffy eyes.

Stabilises All Your Chakras

Stabilises all your chakras

It is known that the navel is the center of energy as it stores the nutrients our body gets from food and distributes them throughout the body. Hence, it is essential to keep good care of our navel. Put some drops of grape in your navel and gently massage it. You will feel the alignment and balance in your body.

Increases Fertility In Women

Applying oil to the navel
Increases fertility rate in women

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When a child is born, the child and the mother are connected by the umbilical cord. So, it is very well understood that if the navel is massaged regularly it will boost the fertility rate in women. Use olive oil or coconut oil to massage the navel as it will improve the quality of the eggs and will keep them healthy.

Things to take care of- Do not apply excessive oil or put pressure on the navel while massaging it as it is connected to the whole body. Excessive pressure at the navel will impact your whole body. Avoid using essential oils too much as they are very warm which can be allergic to your body. So, check the ingredients before using the oil.

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