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Shiv Fruit Mart

Indian weddings are a mélange of vibrant colours, burst of flavours and unparalleled glamour. Food is the most vital component of a wedding and the only thing about which your guests are going to praise the most. While some people crave scrumptious delicacies, many look forward to a flavourful blast of fruits. Shiv Fruit Mart has the skill to transform basic fruits into delectable dishes. Embarking on their journey of fruit catering with utter dedication and hard work, Shiv Fruit Mart is in the lavish wedding business for the past 40 years. A top-leading fruit service supplier in India, this service provider is a reflection of top-notch wedding fruit suppliers.

The Origin

Origin Of Shiv Fruit MartShiv Fruit Mart was founded in 1975 by the second and third generations of the Bhasin brothers. The beginning of this renowned brand happened at the retail store in the Bengali market by their forefathers in the 1940s and slowly and gradually became a prominent name in India’s big fat wedding industry. They have influentially marked their business in Delhi and the National Capital Region. With the vision of transforming fruits into artistic creations, Shiv Fruit Mart has established itself as the number-one choice for fruit catering at weddings. Meeting the desires of the couple in love, following the latest trends and satisfying their clientele’s needs with warmth and diligence is the highlight of this service provider which helps them to stand out from all other competitive businesses.


With more than 80 years of expertise in the industry, Shiv Fruit Mart provides the finest premium quality Indian fruits as well as a variety of imported fruits to add luxury and elegance to your wedding. Providing you with first-rate services, mouth-watering fruit counters and decorative fruit platters, they understand your heart and offer you the best of everything. Shiv Fruit Mart has the vigour to sate your taste buds and leave your guests in awe with their impeccable services. Here are a few of the services Shiv Fruit Mart provides that distinguish them from other fruit caterers giving them tough competition.

Live Fruit Creams

Live Fruit CreamSummer weddings are incomplete without colourful yummy ice creams. This station is ideal for insta-worthy pictures as it is not your ordinary ice cream stand but a live fruit cream counter that will add fun to your wedding.

Thailand Style Fruit Cart

Thailand Style Fruit CartThailand Fruit Cart is a fresh idea for catering of fruits. It is one of the cuisine trends that everyone is incorporating in their wedding. With this style of fruit serving you and your guests can enjoy freshly seasoned exotic fruits. The array of flavours and captivating colours also blends well with your wedding aesthetics.

Sun Dried Station

Sun Dried StationWant to taste the sun-dried deliciousness in every bite? This aesthetically pleasing and unique idea is perfect for you. Adding a bit of crunch, texture and flavour, the sun-dried station will sate your ‘fruit-licious’ cravings.

Grilled Fruit Station

Grilled Fruit StationFood lovers who are big-time fans of grilled food can also try grilled fruits. Taste the fusion of juiciness, warmth, and soft-grilling of fruits with a grilled fruit station. This is the most delicious sweet appetizer you can try ever!

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