Best colour palettes for your wedding decor

colour palette

Colours have a great significance in a traditional Indian wedding – be it a bride wearing a beautiful red lehenga, or the prominence of saffron or yellow flowers representing peace and happiness, hints of gold creating an aura of opulence and grandeur, among other glitzy tones. Weddings are an ideal canvas to express your love for colours. That’s exactly why shortlisting colour palettes are the first item on every wedding planner’s to-do list. Once you have that in place, you can start planning every facet of the event, from the bride’s dress to the flowers.

Peach and pinks

A classic combination that never fails, peaches and pink, is one of the easiest colour pallets to carry out. While peach flowers may not be easy to get hold of, the best choice here are roses in the same colour family. Think pale pink, blush pink, peachy, or a dark rose. Make sure the different hues are bunched together. Moreover, the bridal wear has plenty of options to choose from these shades, whereas the groom can add a pop of colour to his outfit by accessorising with a tie or a stole in these hues.

colour palette

The mauve affair

This mauve palette with hues that range from clear lilac to lavender with a contrasting cream is our pick for you. These colours are close to the traditional ones, yet different enough for a modern bride. These rich colours are perfect for centrepieces, bouquets, and decorative accents. The contrasting cream keeps the colours muted to provide a more classical look. The bride also looks stylish in a cream lehenga with the groom dressed in the same colours.

Earthy tones

Earthy tones are synonymous with fertility, peace, and longevity, all perfect for a wedding theme. The shade ranges from burgundy to tan, taupe, and fern green. The earthier shades of tan and taupe are perfect as a backdrop, while the burgundy and green provide a brighter contrast. The palette also has enough contrasts in colour and can be easily adapted to the wedding theme.

Pastel elegance

Who said weddings have to be bright and loud? Pastel shades are perfect for the new-age brides who wants to keep it subtle. A pastel pink lehenga or sari is a more modern take. A muted shade card gives the groom plenty to work with as well with options that include mellow cream, coffee beige, sandy fawn, minty green and light coral. With its undertones of romance and calm, it’s the perfect shade for your wedding.

colour pallette

Jewel Bright

This colour palette is stunning with its juxtaposition of bright colours. Amethyst purple, emerald green, carmine-pink, fuchsia are perfectly contrasted with calmer shades of tan and clear pink. The bright contrasting colours are perfect for a wedding, uplifting the spirit and creating a celebratory mood.

Cream and red

It is the traditional combination, but with a twist. The bright red is used as accents. Red roses, that age-old symbol of romance and passion, is combined with more exotic white roses, gladiolus, orchids, and gerbera daisies for centrepieces and bouquets.

These are the perfect wedding colour palettes. The trick is to pick a colour shade and place it against a contrasting background, weave it through every facet of the wedding, from the bridal dress to table linen.
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