Best colours for bridesmaids to choose from


A well-coordinated bridal brigade takes a-lot of planning and plotting. Even though the bride and groom are the centres of attention, the tribe can be no less. The bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits should revolve around the colour palettes of the bride’s and groom’s outfit to make the wedding look harmonious. Weddings are one of the most exciting and special events of one’s life and so both brides and the bridesmaids, should feel good and confident on this big day by managing and handling every look for everyone.



Since pastels are back in trend and we definitely feel that they are here to stay. 2021 brides want soft fabrics, soft silhouettes and low-key jewellery. Her bridesmaids can’t be too far from the tree. Hence, the colour palette for the bridesmaids this season is also pastel.


The colour that is dominating the fashion industry this season is lavender and it looks regal and yet the pastel tints add playfulness to the ensemble. The bridesmaids in lavender will look nothing less than magical.



The myriad variations of this colour are no secret to anyone. The pastel tint of the same is perfect for the bridesmaids because of its delicate and romantic appeal.


What’s more subtle and calming than the colour peach? This colour has been in all our hearts. A fun fact about peach colour is that it suits every skin tone. Bridesmaids in peach colour look super-chic and graceful. The bride tribe should be well synchronised and pastels are the best option for it this season. We hope you found these tips relevant to pick the best colour for your friend’s wedding this season.

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